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Chris Bryant slams Tory record on gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Jeff Duncan 16 Feb 2009, 12:32pm

    Id rather vote for a party that is at least trying – Labour are full of self serving, social climbing, self-interested liars.

    the f@@ked up the economy totally – this country is close to bankruptcy and the sooner we have an election the better so we can kick them all out – including Bryant!

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Feb 2009, 12:58pm

    Did he have any comments on their continued use of the narrowest interpretation of the 1951 Refugee Act when tossing gay Iranian’s back to certain death? Do we need an interview Jackie Smith for that one maybe?

    Maybe Today could have an interview with Ruth Kelly on her views on gay equality legisalation as well.

    Another thought for Today, perhaps Mirnda Grell could do a little workshop, perhaps in installments, on how to win an election by accusing a gay running mate of paedophilia before having him to feel the town in fear of his life.

  3. Vulpus_rex 16 Feb 2009, 1:01pm

    I frankly am beyond caring about the voting habits of certain MPs on certain bits of legislation. Clause 28 was 30 years ago, f**king get over it. All of Mr Bryant’s criticisms pale into insignicant osbcurity when compared to the criminal incompetence of this useless shower-of-sh*t government headed by Mugabe Brown.

    Mr Bryant can stick his bleating about equality somewhere dark. None of it will ever compensate for the complete and utter mess he and his government have made of the country.

  4. People, please email Tony Grew at Pink News and beg him to get rid of this ridiculous black-text-on-dark-grey! It’s so difficult to read.

    Tony Grew

  5. People, please email Tony Grew at Pink News and beg him to get rid of this ridiculous black-text-on-dark-grey! It’s so difficult to read.

  6. Tony Lambert 16 Feb 2009, 1:39pm

    “Id rather vote for a party that is at least trying”

    What is that supposed to mean???

    It means, Jeff, you’re an idiot. Try voting for the party that’s at least succeeding.

  7. Simon Murphy 16 Feb 2009, 1:42pm

    Seeing as Chris Bryant seems to be saying here that the Labour Party is committed to equality for gay people then OBVIOUSLY they are planning to remove the discriminatory Civil Partnership legislation from the statute books and introduced full civil marriage for gay people. Otherwise he is being duplicitous. Or maybe he’s just being a typical dishonest politician. Write to his Westminster office to ask what he’s doing in the interest of equality for gay relationships ie full civil marriage. His Westminster email address is

  8. OK, so when they were in government, what did the Tories do for us? They DID introduce section 28, they DID puzzle over their response to the arrival of HIV and AIDS and under that moderator of opinion, John Major, they changed the age of consent to 18 rather than the 16 Edwina Currie was seeking. Then, for an encore, that absolute cow Baroness Young did everything she could to stop civil partnerships becoming reality under the guise of Christianity.

    The Tories will ALWAYS bow to the Christian lobby as they always have done. And it is there that our rights will be undone, make no mistake about it. As far as they’re concerned if it is a toss up between a bloke on a cloud in the sky and the real day to day lives of people who want to live a just life, then the bloke on the cloud wins every time. The Tories CAN NOT BE TRUSTED now any more than when they were last in Government with our rights.

  9. Vulpus_rex 16 Feb 2009, 2:09pm

    “OK, so when they were in government, what did the Tories do for us?”

    Well off the top of my head I think it was John Major who removed the rule about homosexuality in the diplomatic service, and also he de-criminalised being gay in the armed forces (still against the rules but you didn’t get slung in jail for it). I’m sure there’s probably more

    I think the Labour part have clear lead over the Conservative party when it comes to equality legislation.

    The difficulty is that they also have a clear lead when it comes to corruption, deceit, incompetence, sleaze and dishonesty. I cannot overlook these latter and frankly am amazed that any one can.

  10. Yes Chris undoubtedly Labour and yourself has been better for LGBT people than the tories would have been. However labour dragged it’s feet on some of that legislation and actually went to court to try to avoid letting gays serve openly in the military. What about the exemptions to those most likely to discriminate, (organised religion). Will you be so good for us in the future though with the ridiculous Jackie Smith as home office minister, who is quite happy to bring back the criminalisation of consensual sex by making it illegal for men to buy sex from women who want to sell it. What about the hypocrisy of letting a dancehall singer who incites murder into the country because it is unlikely to lead to civil disharmony (gays won’t riot and no one else cares enough) yet a euoropean politican is excluded when he does not call for anyones death but criticises those who would, because this would lead to disharmony. In other words if religious extremists threaten unrest and violence their critics will be silenced. This bodes well for gay people who face considerable criticism and downright hatred from some religious organisations. Should we shut up for fear of offending their tender sensibilities. Ruth Kelly as equalities minister hilarious ,we’re not stupid. It will be more like voting for the best of a bad lot.

  11. How short do the Tories want the LGBT community’s memory to be? The Tories like to claim there votes on issues like Section 28 or gay adoption 5-6 years ago is “ancient history” but even if we suspended all rationality and accept that, the point is not that the Tories used to opposed gay rights – they still do.

    As Bryant pointed out it was only last year that the vast majority of Conservatives, including Cameron, tried to make to harder for lesbians to have kids. And even now their huffing over Labour’s new plan to ban incitement to hatred against gays.

    The fact that the Tories consistently oppose gay rights legislation and then have the audacity to claim that their not anti-gay any more is ridiculous. And even worse is that many of you here are dumb enough to believe them.

  12. Kevin Peel 16 Feb 2009, 2:54pm

    The Conservatives are the same nasty party they have always been. Cameron’s rhetoric on gay rights is as empty as his economic policies and even if it wasn’t his backbenches are still chock full of gay hating bigots who will ensure that the tory party never moves past the dark ages on such progressive issues. Labour have brought in some fantastic legislation to protect the rights of the LGBT community. Are we there yet? No. But I know which party I want fighting my corner.

  13. Simon Murphy 16 Feb 2009, 4:16pm

    Any gay person who votes Tory obviously doesn’t care about gay rights. But anyone who tries to pretend that the Labour Party are without fault is being extremely naive. Labour is simply the lesser of 2 evils when it comes to gay rights.

  14. If we’re left with the option of two evils, I’ll settle for the lesser. I have a long enough memory to remember when Section 28 was brought in, and I haven’t seen enough genuine change among the Tories to consider voting for them in anything.

  15. house prices,jobs etc etc etc . I will be voting Labour because freedom is more important than any of these. Under tory when you want equality as a gay man, you will not have it.

  16. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Feb 2009, 10:31pm

    Can I just ask Dave, which equality laws you imagine will be eroded or removed under the Tories, and how they will do this when we are a signatory to the Treaty of Amsterdam and the Human Rights Act?

  17. Sister Mary Clarence, if you like the Tories then you should love American Republicans and you’re in luck, a whole bunch of them have recently become available. Maybe you can entice Bush and Cheney over to do the magic there that they did here. It’ll be pure HEAVEN!

  18. come voting day, I’m voting green.

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Feb 2009, 8:30am

    Zeke, if you had any idea what was going on in this country, you’de be far more away that New Labour has got more in common with the Republicans that the Conservatives, hence their ‘special’ relationship.

    Life has moved on thirty years in the last thirty years here, although I fully appreciate it only appears to have moved on about ten in your great nation. Have a search on the internet (try using google rather than the American Bible Wikipedia) and maybe you can bring yourself up to speed on British politics.

    You make almost exactly the same comment every time you post on here. Come back when you’ve research it a bit – educate yourself.

  20. did Chris have anything to say about the economy whilst he was harping on about how they have successful balanced the introduction of EU legislation? on the one hane, making gay people think they were doing us a favour whilst convincing the not so liberal that it wasn’t their fault it was down to the EU.

    credit where credit is due, it can’t have been easy lying to everyone.

    i am kind of insulted though that as far as the government is concerned, equality is the only thing that registers on our radar. yes it is important that we are treated equally, but on the other hand, jobs, schools, crime, corruption, the welfare state, and the environment are all important too. these never seem to get a mention when addressing a gay audience.


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