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Ban on ‘gay’ book exposes Dubai’s liberal pretensions

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Reader comments

  1. People, please email Tony Grew at Pink News and beg him to get rid of this ridiculous black-text-on-dark-grey! It’s so difficult to read.

  2. Dubai liberal? Muslims Liberal? In a fantasy or a work of fiction as liberal as liberal can be no doubt but in the real world not a chance. Dubai is all about money and the game is always played by the rules set down by the rulers of it. I cannot understand why anyone gay has anything to do with Arab countries at all if they have a choice in the matter. What did she imagine they would think of a Gay Arab with a non-Muslim boyfriend? Did she honestly think they were going to be happy about that idea? Well they weren’t were they?

  3. I would not go there andn spent my cash there !!!

  4. People, please email Tony Grew at Pink News and beg him to get rid of this ridiculous black-text-on-dark-grey! It’s so difficult to read – especially if you have a visual impairment.

  5. Har Davids 16 Feb 2009, 6:41pm

    Dubai is about as liberal as the Vatican, and I wonder how anyone can think this isn’t the case; enough said.

    P.S. black-text-on-dark-grey is ugly and difficult to read under some circumstances.

  6. Christina Engela 16 Feb 2009, 7:33pm

    “Despite its claims that it is the most modern and “Westernised” state in the region, homosexual relations are still considered a crime and punishments range from jail to deportation and the death penalty.”

    Why are gay people even doing business with this country? For that matter, why are open minded intelligent people with any sense of propriety having anything to do with it? And for the next point, why are western countries wasting their time (and ours) associating with ignorant savage countries who see human rights as a convenient virtue with as many facets as they seem to have faces? Screw Dubai – who needs it? Boycott them.

  7. Christina Engela 16 Feb 2009, 7:34pm

    And yes – black on gray is a terrible eye-strain ;) even white on gray is better

  8. john sharp 17 Feb 2009, 2:54am

    no freedom in islam
    though many gays live there you can do all you want if you hide
    hypocrisy is the religion of the world
    stop gods! stop religions now!

  9. I was pleased (and surprised) to hear this story covered on Radio 4’s main news last night. Radio 4 invited the Dubai Government to comment, but they were too busy. They invited the Dubai Embassy to comment, but, hey, they were too busy too!
    Difficult defending the indefensible, I presume……

  10. An aside, why has there been so little criticism (if any) over the years for Amelie Mauresmo and Martina Navratilova for not only playing in Dubai and Doha but actively promoting them as resorts for the WTA? I feel there’s double standards, like there’s places we just have to accept gays will always be persecuted if they are open about their sexuality because of deep-rooted cultural and religious prejudice. But surely you just have to stand up for what you think is right? Good on Margaret Atwood for taking a principled stand on this.

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