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Outrage as Jamaican MP asks why “violent” gays are allowed gun licences

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Quick 13 Feb 2009, 2:28pm

    Fags fight back? It’s about time. Jamaica is a horrible country and made they have had enough? They have it really tough there.

  2. I still think it is strange, that black people who used to face discrimination are now really, really keen to show truly awful hatred and discrimination to other people.

    Did they learn nothing. Why do black people hate other people so much??

    Gay people are harmless, the people who cause harm are bigots like this man who spreads totally unfounded lies and venemous hatred against other human beings.

    This man is a disgrace to the human race. Jamaica is a disgrace, period.

  3. Har Davids 13 Feb 2009, 2:47pm

    Machismo and religion, a powerful mixture to create homophobia. Maybe the ‘sane’ countries of the world should offer asylum to every gay on that island and then forget about it.

  4. Here in America Jamaica’s tourism ads are broadcast depicting that Island as a haven for heterosexual visitors to go and experience the loving warm friendly Jamacian way of life, for a price and usually for a few weeks at best. The other reality is up to us to broadcast, the vile and murderous homophobia, the mad religious exhorting the stupid and the ill educated to acts of violence on entirely innocent individuals. I note the outburst from the politician on another Island under Crown Protection, the Isle of Man, seems politician’s on Jamacia have kindred spirits there too. Gay? Keep your money in your pockets and ask everyone you know to do the same and avoid places like Jamacia and the Isle of Man maybe?

  5. Bouncerman in Black 13 Feb 2009, 3:15pm

    This man is funny, leave him to spurt his stupid ideas because us sane ones can obtain so mch entertaining humour from him.

    I bet he has a tissue between his hand and his penis when he has a pee! lol

  6. Simon Murphy 13 Feb 2009, 4:03pm

    Why not drop the moron an email to say you are boycotting the backward dump of Jamaica. His email address is

  7. J. Matthews comment about black people hating other people is just stupid. A more complex view is that like other points in history e.g. Germany between ‘the wars’, weak or morally impoverished governments find it useful to identify a group to act as the national scape-goat and deflect attention from their ineptitude. The negative energy the Jamaican government expends on homophobia, not to mention the potential contribution that its gay population might be able to offer if they were allowed to, could very probably yield many answers to the country’s problems.

  8. Terry Floyd Johnson 13 Feb 2009, 5:58pm

    Jamica is going to receive its just reward; those who hate gays and attack them are going to a place where they can live their lives in the hate insane place they now spread in Jamica.

    Leave gays, bis, lesbians, transgender alone or suffer the fate that awaits you.

  9. Thank you, Wildeman. It’s so common for white gay men to forget that gays of every race exist.

  10. I’ve been to Jamaica 2 or 3 times in the past. Each time it was obvious that in that country one can expect to find one of only two extremes–extreme poverty, filth, disease,ignorance or extreme wealth in the form of gaudy commercialism/tourism and an unnatural “redesigning” of what would “naturally” be a lovely, semi-tropical environment into a paved-over, plasticized venue for promoting drunkenness and (heterosexual) promiscuity. No thanks. I’ll even take Haiti first, or wait till Cuba opens up for U.S. citizens.

  11. Did they learn nothing. Why do black people hate other people so much??

    Black Gays don’t figure, then?

    Yes. Blacks are still the ‘other’ to you. Says more about you than them.

  12. henry collier 14 Feb 2009, 8:31am

    Stop funding the bastards … don’t go there to spend your tourist Dollars …

  13. It’s appalling to see a Minister of Government and Attorney so fixated on homosexuals, and so certain that he makes not only ludicrous but unintelligent accusations at the Jamaica Constabulary Force and Gay and Lesbian people. He also proved , that he is very arrogant and unsuitable to hold both his office as an Attorney and Minister of Government . In truth, I hope he speaks only for his own personal lack of sensibility, and not as a Minister of Government using his own prejudices to seek public support.

    Indeed , Jamaican’s don’t live in a theocracy, yet. It’s none of Mr. Smith’s business what sexual shenanigans anybody gets up to in their private lives as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. The root cause of the anti-homosexual agitators is simple personal distaste. And personal distaste is not of itself a good reason for making anything illegal.

    There is something pathetic about people who pore into history books or purporting to tighten legislations seeking support for their prejudices. Don’t Mr. Smith has anything better to do? Getting the roads in St. Ann fixed? Helping to create better opportunities for people in his constituency? Purporting measures to lower the murder rate? After all, the legislations of three or four thousand years ago are not always justifiable today in the civilized world. All ancient holy books (including the Old Testament) report the ancient gods’ approval of slavery, rape, racism, sexism and mass slaughter. But times and customs have changed; those practices are no longer the virtues they once were.

    It is evident by Mr. Smith’s utterance, that he rejects civilized standards of tolerance, and wants discrimination to be allowed as long as it’s justifiable. Indeed , two generations ago discrimination against blacks was justifiable in the United States, southern Africa, and half the nations of Europe. The ruling classes decreed that it was not natural for blacks and whites to eat together, sleep together or sit next to one another on the buses. The Governments of those places despised blacks, gays, liberals and outside agitators. Today the Governments have changed; but many of their people haven’t changed their prejudices – and have even added some to the list.

    As racism erode other prejudices slipped into its place. Prejudice is as prejudice does. A US historian once wrote, “Politics, as a practice, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds.” Discrimination is catching, that’s the poison of it. If the doctrine of justifiable discrimination were to become entrenched, who might its next victims be? According to our present Government it is now justifiable to Gay and Lesbians to be beaten, prosecuted and murdered and has no defence against the courtroom wiles and tricks of professional lawyers like Ernest Smith. They will be denied the full protection of the law, in defiance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.This discrimination that Ernest Smith proliferate is a very risky enterprise because it confirms Jamaica’s steady retreat from of the Articles of the Universal Declaration specifically forbid discrimination against minority groups, either explicitly or implicitly.

    Ernest Smith’s bigotry is bound to affect our image among the international community and the legal professional. The international community who supports the Articles of the Universal Declaration and who don’t have to visit, support or do business with Jamaica will not have much confidence or feel safe about visiting or doing business in a jurisdiction that is gradually distancing itself from the rule of Human Rights. And the local legal professional themselves: what does it do for their personal reputations when they accept this situation without protest? How much time before their silence is taken as collaboration?

    Bruce Golding, Prime Minister and Leader of JLP was widely critisized for his lack of diplomacy when he made a homophobic statement in an interview. He was not only seen as repognant but he also lost the respect of the British Government, the British people and Jamaicans residing in the United Kingdom. Mr. Ernest Smith a JLP Member of Parliament is now echoing similar sentiments. If this is a widespread belief of the Jamaica Labour Party, God help Jamaica!!!! This would be a licence to abuse and murder people indiscrminately in a nation whose crime and violence rate is so rapidly increaseing out of proportion. Indeed, the police force which bore no great admiration from some Jamaicans, undoubtly, since Ernest Smith\’s statement, will be subjected to added disrespect and abuse in the execution of their duties.

    The International anti-homosexual lobby, like the anti-immigrant lobby and the anti-Legal-Aid lobby, should draw support and inspiration from the utterance of Mr. Ernest Smith and denounce his statement as unacceptable and call for a similar ban from entering Europe and other countries like those that are imposed against Jamaican Entertainers who propagate discrimination, hatred violence against gay and lesbian people.

  14. “Mr.” (i use the term lightly) Smith is just another stupid, bigoted, discriminatory, hateful a$$hole who uses his prejudices and intolerance for personal gain. Lapoma said it all so well. I echo others who said that it’s so strange that some black people in some areas are filled with hate and intolerance to others who are different, and forgotten how they were slaves not that long ago, and themselves were the target of insane behaviour like his.

  15. Tony Lambert 16 Feb 2009, 1:52pm

    Jamaica is a dirty flea infested hole. Who cares what this banana farmer thinks.

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