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“Cross-dressing” man is latest victim of Bahrain’s morality purge

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 13 Feb 2009, 4:22pm

    With the exception of Turkey there is not a single muslim country on earth where homosexuality is legal. Which makes the muslim demands for freedom from discrimination on religious grounds utterly laughable. Why are they demanding to be treated by others in a manner they themselves refuse to offer other people. Stupid hypocrites.

  2. Islam is still in the year 1500 — yet to be reformed – yet to get anywhere close to the present century.
    It’s not laughable, they have a very aggressive agenda and we would do well to realise it. Never underestimate them. In their fight with gays and women they will join forces with all the extremist religious groupings and together they will be formidable.

  3. I can still see that woman’s chest in the photo accompanying this story. Should she not have them lopped off, or at the very least strapped down?

    What a bunch of crazy bicycle cover wearing freaks.

  4. How did they know that he was a man under that tent and mask?

  5. It just seems to be getting worse and worse for Bahrain.

    A country that used to be tolerant and liberal is now going back in time.

    What a shame.

  6. It’s absurd they make their women wear such hideous outfits. It’s pretty much a body bag with a head.

  7. He knew what he was doing, what did he expect. Also since he is straight why is this gay news?

  8. Because for some odd reason transsexuals are counted among gays and lesbians. Most transsexuals I know are straight.

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