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Cambodia to ban foreign gays from adopting children

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Reader comments

  1. I’m against the silly ban. It’s just harmful to children and incredibly stupid. Why give a child a good home with loving parents, how awful would that be.

    At the same time, maybe people should start adopting the needy children in there own countries.

  2. I agreed with the Cambodian Gov…why let irregular type of people raise the children; the children might grow up to be likes them=queer!

  3. @ Sam,

    I hope you are being ironic.

  4. That’s ridiculous! Gays raise children just as well as straight parents who raise their children. Do you think ALL straight parents have straight children? NOPE. Some loving straight mother and father couple do happen to have gay/lesbian children. As a matter of fact, most gay/lesbian children have straight parents who raised them. Sam, you’re just ignorant!

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