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American TV station pulls homophobic infomercial after gay complaints

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Reader comments

  1. I’m glad they pulled it. The AFA has a first amendment right to say their opinions, but not to shove their religion down other people’s throats. Perhaps silencing some of the ‘Christians’ in America is just what we need to do…perhaps Africa will let us borrow some lions?

  2. The AFA and their ilk just don’t get it – if what they were preaching wasn’t simply hatred, intolerance and bigotry then it wouldn’t fall foul of such laws. I haven’t seen it (but I am tempted to find it online out of curiosity), the reported content of this programme sounds like pure homophobia such as is to be expected from such people.

  3. Search on the internet for an old movie called “The Eternal Jew”. Watch it. It’s not much different from this one produced by AFA.

  4. I’m glad they pulled it. But who watches infomercials? Any body with a bit of common sense would have turned the channel, and anybody who watched it probably already agreed with the message.

  5. Vo Dong Cung 16 Feb 2009, 2:47am

    “state-sanctioned child abuse.” Janet Parshall better says “Vatican-sanctioned child abuse around the world”. That the Truth, the Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth.

  6. People, please email Tony Grew at Pink News and beg him to get rid of this ridiculous black-text-on-dark-grey! It’s so difficult to read.

  7. Donald,

    I did email them exactly about that issue about a week ago and haven’t heard back. Neither has the colour changed….will try again. It is strange as an old euphamism for gays was that we were ‘good with colours’!

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