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Iranian lesbian granted asylum in the UK

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Reader comments

  1. Good news :) The UKBA defy all logic, in my opinion. They grant asylum to people for spurious reasons, yet deport people who are deserving.
    “her partner was arrested, tortured, and subsequently sentenced to death by stoning.Her father was also arrested, interrogated and tortured for information on her whereabouts.”
    And they were going to deport her? Madness.

  2. For more information on Pegah and to see how you can help other queer Iranian refugees check out (Iranian Queer Railroad).

    Or check out our facebook page:


  3. Three years? Yet we allow onto these shores the very people who threaten the existence of LBGT folk without hesitation.

  4. I think the asylum system is frequently mistaken by the general public for the immigration system.
    This is a class A case of the asylum system in the UK getting things right, albiet they took thier time!
    Too many people fail to see cases like this when they see people new to our shores. Of course, the worst are the ones who see this as some kind of double blow to thier twisted ethics. More publicity reduces the first group’s size and draws attention to the second group for what they really are!
    I really hope Pegah settles into our shores quickly and those in her new community help her every step of the way. Good luck Pegah! :)

  5. this is fantastic news, i really hope that it can be used to set a precedent, especially as the European Parliament has said that sexual orientation should be grounds for asylum.

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