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Tatchell accuses Home Secretary of “gross hypocrisy” over ban on Dutch MP

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Reader comments

  1. My thoughts exactly on hearing of this.

    As I understand it, the “thinking” behind the lack of a ban on Bounty Killer’s recent visit was that there was no prospect of a violent reaction by LGBT people. It was therefore safe for his concert to go ahead.

    In the case of Wilders, it seems there was a fear that his visit would produce a violent reaction by Muslims. It was therefore unsafe for the visit to go ahead.

    The message this sends out is clear but deeply perverse. It is that your human rights depend on you having a propensity for violence.

    In a democracy, this is exceptionally disturbing. Surely, the state should face down the violent and not encourage them at the expense of the peaceful.

    But in this case it is even worse than that. Incredibly, it was a member of Parliament, Lord Ahmed, who threatened the Parliament of which he is a member with a mob of 10,000 muslims if the visit went ahead.

    Disgraceful. And very dangerous. Jaqui Smith and Lord Ahmed should hang their heads in shame.

  2. The allow the Israeli killers of innocent Palestinians (and a suspected bunch war criminals) into Britain as well as Dubja, a well known torturer.
    These so called “holy texts” have a great deal to answer for and there is much in them which is violent and inciting to breaches of public order.

  3. Yet another appeasement of Islamic fascism.

  4. Simon Murphy 12 Feb 2009, 12:33pm

    I don’t think it is appropriate for Wilders to be allowed into the UK – he is a borderline facist who is incredibly stupid; offensive and racist (but not towards his immigrant wife – when he speaks of closed borderd for the Netherlands he only means to North Africans). The film he made is called ‘Fitna’ and was a really nasty, cheaply made, cut and paste job whose sole intention to was to stir up conflict. However I am appalled that he gets banned while Bounty Killer is allowed in.

  5. Vulpus_rex 12 Feb 2009, 1:10pm

    Yet more evidence of the stupidity and hyprocrasy of the expense cheating home secretary.

    Her craven supplication in the face of the threat of islamic violence is an outrage – she is there to protect freedom of speech and law and order not yield to bullies.

    She is effectively saying that foreign nationals can come to Britain, stand up in a mosque and preach death to homosexuals and because I’m not threating to bomb the mosque in return that’s alright then.

    Good to know she’s got her priorities right.

  6. He’s not the leader of the VVD party, but the leader of the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid, Party for Freedom). The PVV has 9 MPs in the Dutch parliament.

    By the way, I (and many other Dutch people) find it ridiculous to deny him from going to the UK. I don’t share his opinions about the islam, but banning someone for talking about a sensitive subject is beyond proportions.

    Geert (I only share his first name :p)

  7. Simon Murphy 12 Feb 2009, 1:37pm

    Geert – most peoplem would defend his right to enter the UK and to speak. But the anger here is that the Home Secretary deems it unsafe to allow him to speak for fear of offending Muslims but totally ignores people like Bounty Killer who advocate the murder of homosexuals.

    I don’t share Wilders’ opinions about Muslim people. I do agree with him that islam itself is a stupid, ignorant, facist, undemocratic organisation (no different from chriatianity or judaism or hinduism in that respect)

  8. And Britain will welcome the Pope wih a red carpet whenever he wants, despites the hateful and insulting comments gays have to be hurt with hearing

  9. Simon Murphy 12 Feb 2009, 2:52pm

    I actually don’t have a problem with with either Geert Wilders or the Pope being allowed into Britain. Both are insulting, stupid bigots but neither actually advocate violence against gay people or ethnic minorities. However Jamaican dancehall singers and facist imams who actually do advocate violence against gay people and non-muslims and woman ARE allowed in. It’s a double standard. The only way it seems to change this double standard is to threaten violent protest when these homophobic morons come a calling.

  10. Well done Jacqui Smith for giving this man the publicity he probably did not deserve. However, well done Mr Wilders for reminding us that we have the right to be able to debate and comment on the philosophies behind not just Islam but all other religions too. Almost all of them contain concepts, which are vile and abhorrent whether their followers like it or not.

    Its rich the Islamist chanting fascist at Mr Wilders, when clearly they have little truck with anyone who questions the basis of some of the concepts contained in their creed.

    Using one’s brain as far as I am aware is actually frowned on in Islam. One can understand why!

  11. Simon Murphy 12 Feb 2009, 3:38pm

    Well I don’t think muslims like to be reminded that Mohammed had paedophile tendencies (he married a 9 year old when he was 53). They get truly offended when reminded of that. Then again when you say ‘Oh that doesn’t mean that Mohammed was a paedophile – it just means that whoever created that fictional character had paeophile tendencies’ they get even more offended. Strange!

  12. And Wilders hasn’t made it far into the UK this afternoon: he is stopped by the Brittish immigration service at Heathrow and is now waiting there for a return flight to the Netherlands, he says.

  13. This government is riddled with double standards. If you are wealthy tycoon (possibly a criminal) or a Saudi business man or prince (probably supporting militant Islam) you will get a visa to enter UK. If you a poor visitor from China or from a poor country your visa application will be refused (even if your are sponsored by a British citizen). This even applies to tourist applicants. If there is one thing New Labour worships it is it is wealth and privilege

  14. So it’s up to Muslims who can and can’t enter the UK? Disgraceful! Jacqui Smith’s double standards make my blood boil. Hope everyone who disagrees with her decision will email her as well as posting messages here. I know I will.

  15. Har Davids 12 Feb 2009, 8:05pm

    I liven in Holland and when Fitna came out, not even our local Muslims were really bothered by it. Geert speaks on behalf of a small minority here and is considered by most level-headed people (and even Muslims can be just that) a joke.

  16. This chap was in the UK AT the Houses of Parliament attending some sort of do there, TWO weeks ago. If the powers that be thought it ok then, why have they changed their minds now?

  17. Robert, ex-pat Brit 13 Feb 2009, 2:26pm

    As much as I don’t like racists or homophobes, I support their right to freedom of speech, no matter how offensive and insulting it might be. Once we start curtailing speech, even hate speech, no matter how bad, we will find ourselves sliding down that slippery slope to fascism. Wilders should and must be allowed to enter the UK in the interests of democracy and EU membership. Socalled christian fundamentlists as well as islamic clerics in the UK are allowed to express their views, antigay views included, so what on earth could be wrong allowing Wilders to express an opinion about Islam? This is more than a doublestandard, its hypocrisy at its worst an government paranoia at best.

  18. Another prime example of the current labour government’s hypocrisy. He should be allowed into the uk he isn’t inciting hate towards muslims. He is only expressing his views on certain passages in the koran. But those other guys the clerics and music artists that call for the deaths of all lgbt but why are they allowed in the country? The government has been bullied into submission by islamic extremists and they fear some kind of nationwide riot like the one in Denmark.

  19. john sharp 14 Feb 2009, 7:55am

    wilders does not critisize the coran
    he marly states passages from the coran
    these are indeed hatefull

  20. Gays always claimed others of being homophobes but they themelves treats others the same we. Just because we Muslims condemned some acts of others it doesn’t mean that we preach it openly, on street or in the web-space (unfortunately, a few did and they’re the bad seeds). This guy just clearly quoted parts of the Holy Quran that appealed to his objectives. I have gays & straights friends from all walk of lihe & it felt sick to read how much hatred the gays have towards us.

  21. Hastobesaid 15 Feb 2009, 10:10am

    “Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell claims the government’s refusal to ban musicians who promote homophobia was evidence of double standards.”

    The only one with double standards is this Peter Tatchell. Why is Islamophobia part of freedom of speech and not homophobia? If one is allowed to attack Islam as they wish, then are homosexuality and gays free from criticism? Both Tatchell and Geert are acting like self-appointed freedom fighters, none have anything credible to say.

  22. It isn’t Islamophobia to point out that Muslims are taught to hate gay people by their religious leaders on a daily basis, and a number of those religious leaders insist that it’s ok to murder anyone who is. It isn’t islamophobia to be gay and not want to have anything to do with such a religion, that’s just good sense. There is no point in pretending that only some Muslims don’t like gays, we have heard all that before from the Christians with there hate the sin love the sinner nonsense. This is a religion that executes people for being gay. What it all comes down to is that the religionists just don’t like to have their ignorant hate charged beliefs shown up in big bold letters. Muslims don’t like freedom of speech at all, and absolutely not for anyone who has a different opinion from them over their beliefs. The first reaction from Muslims is violence and mobbing should anyone say anything at all they take offence over. Gays are not free from criticism but they dont take to the streets looking to murder people who they imagine have criticised them. Teddy-bear anyone?

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