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Isle of Man politician compared to Nazis over trans comments

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Reader comments

  1. It’s always the same… islands and countries may change their political outlook, but the folks who made homophobia and transphobia possible in the first place don’t move away, and they will most likely take those opinions to the grave.
    The best we can do is educate the next generation not to grow up like these dyed in the wool bigots.

  2. What a sad git! More to be pitied than scorned!
    How can anyone make such a dumb statement that something “takes human rights too far” ?

  3. What a sad git! More to be pitied than scorned!
    How can anyone make a statement that something “takes human rights too far” ?

  4. Simon Murphy 11 Feb 2009, 3:57pm

    The is a politician for the Isle of Man – an island that systematically and repeatedly sexually abused children in orphanages over a period of about 40 years and who tried to hide the evidence that it did so. He needs to focus on the serious problems of that island rather than spout his bigotted nonsense about transpeople.

  5. PCG, Germany 11 Feb 2009, 5:13pm

    For your reference Isle of Man along with the Channel Islands and Gibraltar may not be part of the EU, but they are Associated Territories of the EU and they have to comply with most EU Legislation.

  6. From what I can remember of the history of the Isle of Man, it was a secret Nazis stronghold during WW2 and the inhabitants were pro Nazis so this is in keeping with their history. However I stand to be corrected on that.

  7. The Isle of Man is not Jersey. I never heard of any such abuses in its Childcare over such a period of time. Although it has been proven that the Island has a fundamentally corrupt system of government and judiciary. The Courts for example do the bidding of the government and it’s supporters outside of it and there is no true independence from political interference. No independent press or news broadcasting. Houghton once said that sex offenders should be taken to the IOM incinerator boiled alive and then thrown into the flames. He is a lawmaker with no regard for the law. There are no out MHK’s in the Parliament for example. He is a rabid homophobe as is Anderson another MHK and Minister. Most of the gay people on the Isle of Man would rather keep that fact hidden because of the kind of bigotry expressed by Houghton and many others who are exactly like him. The backlash he got in the Parliament is to be applauded and is hopefully an indication of positive change in core attitudes on the part of the Parliament’s members. However, the IOM has a very long way to go yet.

  8. Gil Grissom 11 Feb 2009, 9:38pm

    Here we go again, ‘Human Rights too far?’ what fascist planet is this guy on, whats next ‘Labour Camps’ for immigrants or the unemployed, watch the signs people, if we dont learn from history (ie Hitler et al) it is doomed to happen again. Im beginning to be a little on the cautious side. Not again, please not again.

  9. Sad to say the IOM Government has already passed draconian law to curb immigration into the IOM there is a very deep zenophobia running through the establishment and island born people. The law is sitting quietly waiting to be enacted should it be required. There are many good people in the IOM of course but the undeniable fact is that the IOM has a long way to go to overturn or expunge the institutional homophobia that has existed for a very long time there.

  10. Hi there. I am Manx – born, raised and living there. To the guy who accused the Manx residents of ‘deep xenophobia’ – please, please don’t lump everyone together on the back of Houghton’s remarks. Believe me, everyone I know here is appalled and embarrassed by his ignorance and bigotry and even our other MHKs, not known for their piercing intelligence, have distanced themselves from his comments.

  11. Hi there. I am Manx – born, raised and living on the IOM. To the guy who accused Manx residents of ‘deep xenophobia’, please, please don’t lump people together on the back of Houghton’s comments. Believe me, everyone I know is appalled and embarrassed by his ignorance and bigotry. Even our other MHKs, not known for their piercing intellect, have distanced themselves from his remarks.

  12. I did not lump everybody in with Houghton’s comments I was careful to say that there are many good people on the Isle of Man, however, the legislation is a fact it has been passed it is waiting and that was brought into reality by a motivation based upon a deep zenophobia and the facts are that the voting public said nothing and did nothing to stop it from being passed in the Parliament. They cannot even bring themselves to refer to the United Kingdom by name in the Parliment but call it, the adjacent island! Need one say more?

  13. Update, Houghton unrepentent telling the BBC that in this economic climate we have better things to spend money on than transsexuals. On the Manx Forums the Island wide site for topic discussion such as that one, the thread all about Houghton has been deleted pending legal advice because? Someone made a complaint about what was being said about Houghton! Need one say more?

  14. Diana Taylor 12 Feb 2009, 3:40pm

    From: diana taylor
    Date: 12 February 2009 14:55:32 GMT
    Subject: Transgender rights

    It is with utter dismay that I have heard Mr Houghtons views, as a member of the Trans community and as someone who advocates for members of my community, I am utterly dismayed by the view that would deny me the right to legally adopt the gender I have strived so hard to become! I would welcome Mr Houghtons exact reasons as to why he thinks that we should be denied this fundamental right? What and where exactly do his views come from and in what way does he view this right as “Indecent”, I would welcome the opportunity to debate this matter with him face to face.

    Diana N Taylor

    Transgender Advocate & Member for Diversity & Equality 
    Pride London
    344-354 Gray’s Inn Road
    WC1X 8BP
    Tel: 08448 842439
    Web Site:
    Please note our office telephone number has changed to: 08448 842439.

    A company limited by guarantee registered in England no. 5061574.
    Registered Charity no. 1104774

  15. So I bet HE won’t be at the Gaiety Theatre on Easter Sunday night then – play on about Alan Turing, gay wartime codebreaker later persecuted by the police

  16. The Isle of Man was never a secret Nazi stronghold, during the second world war the IOM was firmly against the Nazis. As for Houghton yes he won’t be sitting in the Gaiety Theatre on Easter Sunday, but don’t be surprised if you find him outside handing out the Granny Smith’s!

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