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Hip hop star Kanye West admits he used to be scared of gay people

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Reader comments

  1. “I’ve flown across the world y’all, and I’ve come back here to tell you—open your minds and live a happier life.”

    I’m not sure about ‘stealing’ our rainbow :D but I think it can only be good when people from groups that are traditionally homophobic speak out like this. I just hope people listen. It’s also interesting that he mentions ‘fear’. I think that some homophobia IS caused more by fear (and ignorance) than pure nastiness.

  2. I agree that it’s a positive thing that Kanye is speaking out against homophobia. I just think it’s unfortunate that because Kanye feels positively about the gay community that his own sexuality is questioned. I think that could be why sometimes members of the straight community find it hard to speak out in support of LGBT people.

  3. Kudos to Kanye for admitting he was wrong, and doing so without boycotts. Some of the artists who signed the Reggae Compasionate act I felt were doing it just because they were made to and didn’t really believe what they were signing. It’s good when an artist like Kanye can come to that conclusion without people twisting their arm. It shows a level of maturity that some of his fellow musicians lack.

  4. Good on him for making the journey towards reason. Still, I hope greatly that my dress sense would change his ideas about gay people and dress sense.

  5. For anyone who missed it, this very interesting recent article by Johann Hari appeared first in Attitude and later in the Independent.

    As for Kayne West, good on him for taking the first steps to becoming a more rounded man. He’s obviously started to realise that haters can be victims of their own hate inasmuch as it ends up stunting their own emotional development and life opportunities. In other words, your fellow man’s rights and freedoms are, in fact, your own human rights and freedoms.

  6. I say fair play to him, but as already stated its shameful that he has to defend himself because he believes in equality. I think people need to stop being so militant and realise this guy means well instead of calling him out for embracing a largely positive stereotype. I mean, even if it is a stereotype he’s showing admiration for it. If more straight men would take fashion advice from the more, “fashion-inclined”, the highstreet would be a safer place for my eyes to be in.

  7. And, as all people frightened by something they don’t know, they know badly, they had been talked about in a bad way, Mr West may had read about homosexuality, he might got informed about homosexuality, he may have talked with homosexuality to be explained and here comes the result, as usual.

    Homophobia is just about letting ignorancy lead one’s world and letting that person build horrible images, worse than reality. So worse that you can’t ask about it, confront it to the truth, so unbearable that it could exist. The fact is that it doesn’t. So obviously, they want to destroy it (derogative words, gay slurs or physical violence one member of that community).

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