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New “Mr Gay World” is a leader and a spokesman claims contest organiser

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 10 Feb 2009, 3:00pm

    It is desperately tragic that gay men are so fond of beauty pageants. These pageants are pathetic and female beauty pageants are rightly regarded as sexist relics of a time gone by. Why do gay men want to emulate such ridiculous, dated, old fashioned, demeaning shows?

  2. it’s nice too see a nearly forty something man win a “beauty pageant”. Make a change from twinky muscle boys. It’s not exactly progressive but I am annoyed by what I consider the real issues affecting gay/bi/les/trans community eg legal and social discrimination!

  3. Well said Simon. The winners of these type of gay beauty contests are also always ‘scene’ types too – not really everyone’s taste. Another outdated negative stereotype for gay men to manage!!

  4. jonnielondon 10 Feb 2009, 4:20pm

    Tisk, tisk! Simon and Dan you sound luck a bunch of bitter old queens. Just relax, girlfriends!

  5. Simon Murphy 10 Feb 2009, 6:23pm

    Hey Jonnielondon. I have no issue if gay men want to enter beauty pageants. I just find it beyond ridiculous that because they look good in a swimsuit that they think they are some sort of role model or spokesman for the gay community. They are not. They just look good in a swimsuit.

  6. Well said again Simon! Not bitter jonnielondon, just tired of the same old rubbish churned around on the scene, as Simon outlined above. Where’s the progress?

  7. I hope to do Mr. Krzyzanowski no wrong, but usually, a role model, or someone who achieves excellence, gets an award because (s)he deserves it.

  8. They should have an award for Mr Gay Twisted Bitch. There would be more contestants than ITV’s Xfactor.

  9. J Carter – Simon Cowell would have his work cut out trying to outbitch that lot! Imagine the open audition stages!

  10. I agree with Simon… these contents are demeaning for the contestants and are viewed by those who’s minds are powered by hamsters in a wheel. While I’m delighted for Mr. Krzyzanowski achieving what I’m sure is his life time dream, I’m sorry, but this vacuous twit doesn’t represent me or speak for me. There’s a little more to me than a shallow stereotype of pretty bling and tiaras.

  11. Simon Murphy 11 Feb 2009, 2:27pm

    On a side note the last time a gay beauty pageant winner made headlines for anything other than looking good in a swimsuit was in April 2008. Back then the first ever winner of Mr Gay UK in 1993 – Anthony Morley – was charged with the murder (and then the cooking and eating of) Damien Oldfield. He was sentenced to 30 years in jail. Max Krzyzanowski does not join a long list of inspirational people who have won underwear competitions.

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