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Gay activists target Russia’s President in European lawsuit

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 10 Feb 2009, 2:55pm

    They are being very clever in using the Eurovision Song Contest as the time to hold their parade. With the eyes of Europe on Moscow the facist mayor and police thugs will not dare to assault the parade like they have done year after year. I do hope the Eurovision Song Contest sponsors the parade. Allowing such a gay favourite as the song contest to be held in a city lead by a homophobic facist seems to indicate that the ESC doesn’t care much about the security of its gay fans.

  2. Russia, contender for the title of kleptocracy of the world run by two former hobbitts with egos considerably larger than the tiny frames they inhabit. Russia, home to state sponsered murder, robbery, crime of every hue, corrupt or non-functioning parliament, courts, police. Into that blood soaked madhouse appears the Eurovision Song Contest with all it’s tarnished glitter and assorted crap so, should it happen that any queer foolish enough to hit the streets dancing or singing, the murderous neo-fascists and their political and religious supporters can beat up or kill anyone who stands up to them, with impunity thanks to the regime of the two gangsters who rule Russia and their gangs of criminals who surround them. Gay and live in Russia? Run for your lives, it will be quite some time before it will be safe to be gay or in opposition to the Kremlin in that truly awful country.

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