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Iraq veteran dismissed from National Guard for being a lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. The ‘charming’ co-worker who sent the e-mail should be sacked, on a dishonourable discharge, as a lesson to him/her and to others to mind their own business! Snitches are just dirt!

  2. Marcella Chandler 10 Feb 2009, 5:50am

    Oh my gosh….. Will people ever grow up and foremost, keep their nose out of other peoples’ business when it doesn’t belong there? I agree with Andy. What a shame humans can’t accept other humans and enjoy the differences. We can finally elect a black man as president, have a woman run for VP, we (in California) passed a law for the humane treatment of farm animals, yet we can’t get past sexual and gender differences. Being gay IS normal, and natural if you’re gay. The co-worker should be shipped to a country that isn’t (supposed to be) free. How about they sign up and go serve in Iraq or Afghanistan – there’s still time!!! The worst kind of coward they are!!

  3. so she’s good enough to serve and maybe die for her country, but not good enough to live and serve!

    And who’d like to know that the person next to you watching your back, “back-stabbed” someone else? The snitch ought to be named so his/her co-workers can decide whether they want to work with him/her

  4. Nice to see nothing has changed in the States *said with sarcasm*. Please don’t anyone use the terminology World Leader and United States in the same sentence. I will literally throw up. Again.

  5. Wow, I really don’t understand how Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ever made any sense. It appears this woman was neither asked, nor did she tell anybody. My gosh, the whole thing seems so juvenile.

  6. The army would be in an even sorrier state of affairs if all the Lesbians and Gays walked out. Shame on the US government for keeping this ludicrous law…or whatever.

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