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‘So Macho’ preacher hits back with bus adverts claiming God exists

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  1. How ironic that this guy wrote ‘So Macho’. Must be a bit of martha in him, surely???? Why else would he write lyrics about ‘big and strong, enough to turn me on’ lol!!

    All this religious furore is frightening, and is set to get more intense with Obama – a man more religious than Bush, who would’ve thought it. First comes religious uprising, then we spiral backwards into the 80’s and beyond in terms of rights. Joy!

    I am thankful we live in a country where politics and religion only overlap where absolutely necessary. That said, Blair is doing his best to confuse things at the moment (blame Obama again!).

  2. Actually, the saying ‘the fool says…there is no god’ has some truth. If you did indeed say such a thing before the times of David Hume, the penalty was severe for apostates: it was a capital offence. Of course, that’s still true today in many countries where Shar’ia law is enforced.

    Still, if humanists are forced to insert the word ‘probably’, why should god’s soldiers be allowed to use the word ‘definitely’. Perhaps it would be more honest if the watchdog charged with overseeing these things be renamed the Advertising Double Standards Agency!

  3. Already posted my complaint at the ASA. I’d suggest we all do.

  4. “There definitely is a God.”
    Has that really been approved by the ASA? :o Surely that would demand proof? I bet the Christian Party will say that they’re only stating their opinion, but then so were the humanists. Ironic that it’s the believers who haven’t got the courtesy and humility to think about whether their wording might offend. I don’t know whether there’s a god or not, and I’d be surprised if anyone else KNEW that rather than hoped it.

  5. Ironc, that it was argued you couldn’t prove that ‘there’s probably no god’ was a factualy corect statement, by the people who now wish to state ‘there’s DEFINATLY a god’. Hypocrits.

  6. Har Davids 6 Feb 2009, 3:48pm

    Definitely a god? Not one worth knowing if judged by his/her believers. And how come they’re so sure of this ‘fact’?

  7. It would be so sweet if this campaign was found to be in breach of ASA regulations. “Definitely”? How can you be allowed to say something like that? Am trying to file a complaint on the ASA website but their form doesn’t seem to work…

  8. john sexton 6 Feb 2009, 4:11pm

    If these “Smegheads” want to waste money on propaganda rather helping the poor, what does it say about them and their “god”?

  9. Dan is bang on the money – How can the guy who wrote those uber camp lyrics be taken seriously as anything other than another Ted Haggard in waiting? Nonetheless, I would say in the unlikely event that anyone still wants to buy a copy of “So Macho” as an ironic trip down memory lane, just remember who profits by it and look elsewhere for your cheezy gay anthems.
    This guy is not LGBT friendly.

  10. Clark Enwell 6 Feb 2009, 5:25pm

    Religious ads seem to be largely exempt from ASA regulations, unfortunately. As indeed – and quite significantly, since this is an ad for a political party – are most political ads (amazing, isn’t it? You’d think political adverts would be even more tightly controlled than your average ad, but strangely the opposite is true). Basically, the ASA refuse to get involved in anything “controversial”. They’re really quite pathetically spineless.

  11. Actually, they are right. There definitely is a god. See here:

  12. There definitely is a God. The truth is no one knows.

    However, we know a big Jessie when we see one!

    All the best – and enjoy your life – with or without God.

  13. What the peddlers of the Abrahamic snake-oils always seem to conveniently skip-over is that, while the existence of a Divine Creator(or Transpersonal Cosmic Consciousness) may be endlessly debatable, there is not a SHRED of credible evidence that entities like the literary characters Bible-god or Koran-allah exist OR that their ancient Middle-Eastern ‘PR-Men’ [Moses, Jesus, Mohammed etc] were truly worthy of admiration or emulation…

  14. Simon Murphy 7 Feb 2009, 3:10am

    I want to compain the the ASA about this (for the laugh). How do I do that?

  15. Simon Murphy 7 Feb 2009, 3:11am

    This man is a SINNER!!! He needs to pray to Sinitta for forgiveness!

  16. Considering that So Macho is so slightly homophobic – this is hardly surprising!

  17. Alex “Considering that So Macho is so slightly homophobic – this is hardly surprising!”
    That’s news to me. I knew George Hargreaves was a born-again homophobe, but the song he wrote is camper than a row of tents. Are you detecting an undercurrent of gay hatred in the song I wasn’t previously aware of?

  18. Looks like my last comment was removed?

    Anyway, look at the lyrics:
    I don’t want no seven stone weakling
    Or a boy who thinks he’s a girl

    And look for Sinitta’s performance at TOTP in 1986 and how she illustrates this line showing limp wrist.

  19. Alex – Goes to show I only remembered the chorus!
    I stand corrected, though I still say George protests to much. Anyone who can empathise to that degree with someone who lusts after muscle-studs is an outing waiting to happen. Give him another five years and he’ll be praying out the gay with Ted Haggard.

  20. Evidence?

  21. @Alex

    The use of the double negative means Sinitta is singing that she DOES want a seven stone weakling – or a boy who thinks he’s a girl.

    *goes back to pedant’s corner*

  22. Ivan, that might be a surprise for Sinitta ;-)

  23. George Broadhead 8 Feb 2009, 10:12am

    It is not true to say that the £140,000 raised to pay for the atheist bus ad came from “leading Humanists such as scientist Richard Dawkins”. The bulk of it was raised from ordinary atheists responding to an appeal

  24. And of which, George, I’m proud to be one.

  25. Daniel – Fair enough… no conclusive evidence on my part, just a very strong hunch based on what evidence I can find. Here’s Hargreaves Wikipedia entry…
    The bit which interests me is this paragraph…
    “In the 1980s, Hargreaves and Ajai-Ajagbe worked at Magnet Records… …He also wrote and produced several disco records for Sinitta, including “So Macho” and “Cruising”, which were popular in the gay community. He told Scotland on Sunday that “So Macho” was intended “…for women to dance round their handbags to and for the gay scene to go mad to on poppers” and that “I was never gay, but I had a lot of lovely friends in the gay scene.””

    Seems like he has more knowledge of the gay scene than his roles in politics and religion would lead us to believe. Combined with his subsequent homophobia, it does strike me as being symptomatic of Prof. Henry Adams research in the field, that often the folks who are the most vocal opposers of gay equality are those with something to hide. People who don’t accept their gay tendancies often take it out on other gay people as it’s easier to lash out at others than deal with their internal nature. Like Ted Haggard he has been driven to evangelical religion, again that’s not proof but it does seem like a radical u-turn in his previously gay friendly agenda.
    OK, perhaps I should’ve included some caveat to the effect of this being speculation on my part, but he does conform to type.

  26. complain to the ASA, now they will have to provide proof of god, the other advert said there probably isn’t a god, probably being the important word, thus shouldn’t have offended any one. The bible does not provide proof. Otherwise we could say that the Noddy books proves that there is a real Noddy.

  27. Think of the starving childrens lives that the money spent on this little folly could have saved. Hypocrites. All religion should be banned.

  28. Jay Severin Has A Small Pen1s 10 Feb 2009, 3:46am

    New sign for the buses.

    “Christianity: Hoping for the end of the world since 0 A.D.”

  29. absolutley right flapjack. I happen to have a copy of the said 12″ upstairs; ‘Cruisin”, when it originally came out in 1985 was on the other side of So Macho (they made it the official ‘a’ side the year after and it went mainstream. There used to be a magazine that all the Djs would read called Record Mirror, and they did a dance chart of all the gay clubs in the UK at the time (‘Hi-NRG / Eurobeat, as it was called then)… Needless to say, both sinitta tracks spent ages at No.1! The lyrics went something like ‘Cruisin… looking for another man to be my lover…’ Tacky as hell, and for sure aimed at the gay scene….

  30. How exactly did we get to the point where all our theological discourse was carried out on the side of buses, anyway?

    A plague o’ both their houses.

  31. RJB – I think the holy trinity is totally inspired by buses… you wait forever for a sign of the devine, then 3 come at once ;)
    I’ll get my coat!

  32. If some of the more unpalatable quotes from the bible were put on buses then it would turn a lot of people off Christianity. Perhaps some of the stuff about how disabled people or menstruating women are unclean and should not be allowed to go into church…

  33. Please all send a quick email to the ASA to register a complaint. The address to email is

  34. It’ll be on the tube next! Yes indeed…where is the proof! Water to wine, a loaf to feed thousands, put a staff into the sea and watch it part in two! I would love to know how all these things are done, especially over 2000 years ago! or were they all taken in by the biggest illusionist of their time! He was proberbly ‘So Macho’ about it!

    1. I have proof God exists. I prayed that Asda would have food on its shelves. And lo, there was food there. The Lord had heard my prayer!

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