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Comment: Tony Blair’s call to restore religious faith “to its rightful place”

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Reader comments

  1. john sexton 6 Feb 2009, 6:27pm

    Yes we should restore religion to its rightful place a BILLION miles away from government.Fairs

  2. *reads this*

  3. What a load of pompous bile

  4. God (ha), the man’s become sickening. Almost impossible to think this sanctimonious smarm is the person I voted for in the 1990s.

  5. Simon Murphy 7 Feb 2009, 3:19am

    I agree with Tony Blair. Religion DOES need to be restored to its rightful place. Its rigtful place is in the toilet bowl with the used toilet paper and used condoms.

  6. Har Davids 7 Feb 2009, 9:18am

    Lining his pockets and talking about his invisible friend. Religion’s rightful place with it’s track-record of genocide, slavery, witch-hunts, ……….? Out of everybody’s life, with some ethics and humanism in stead.

  7. This man is almost unbelievable. He pushed through the gay rights agenda, yet this seems the polar opposite.

    Is he really of this world? I wonder, because I sure as hell (sic) can’t work this man out.

  8. putting aside the antipathy expressed by the abrahamic religions, my concern with political leaders with strong religious beliefs is that it gives them an “out”. God will judge them, god will give the answers, in the worst case there is an afterlife so a MAD event is just a hiccough.

    Their accountability isn’t to us, it is to “god”- Blair has actually said that

  9. God is not democratically elected. I never voted for him, so why does he get to influence politics?

  10. nicholson 8 Feb 2009, 1:10pm

    oh good , the comments here reveal the healthy state of Pink News readers minds, unlike Blair.
    Whenever i hear Blair bible bashing i always think of his responsibility for a war and the deaths and hideous mutilation of 1000s of people and how he negotiates that hanging over his little Christian mind.

  11. The rightful place of religion is in the section marked dangerous fiction next to belief in Father Christmas under looney ideas humans are given to toy with. Thankfully the people most vocal about religion being a good thing are the very people most of us with a functioning reason in our brains would regard as repulsive and to be avoided at all times. Tony is doing a Lady M and all the godbothering he gets up to will not wash the blood from his hands.

  12. This smarmy liar spent too much time crawling to his masters in Washington and seems to believe that affecting an interest in religion is a positive thing. He has obviously forgotten the basic characteristic of Britain in the early 21st century – a view that an open advocacy of religion is the sure sign of a crank. Clear off back to Alabama, and make up some more lies about Iraq – (has he apologised yet about WMD?)

  13. Brian Burton 27 Mar 2009, 6:35pm

    Oh! the Vitreol you ‘Children Of Pink’ You all should take the ‘Road To Damascus’ and perhaps experiance your first ‘Spiritual Awakenings’ and instead of Vitriol, Love should reign.

  14. God help us! Strewth!

  15. Brian Burton 6 Apr 2009, 11:30am

    God will only help you if you ask Christina! ‘Chiist’ina? Interesting name you have there and you should be proud of it!

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