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Children say Welsh schools are not safe for out gay people

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Reader comments

  1. I totaly agree. It’s most certainly not safe to be out in Wales, especially where the schools are concerned. I lived in Wrexham, North Wales, through my early teens and I was in a state of constant fear of bieng outed there after witnessing wave upon wave of homophobic attacks upon anyone who was “suspected” of bieng gay. It wasnt just the other kids though, it was the teachers too. When I left in 2002 I was stunned at the comparison in England.
    Wrexham has been attempting for city status and certainly has the population for it. However, the fact that nobody has felt brave enough to advertise a single gay friendly venue in the town says it all really.
    Wales really does need help!

  2. John (Derbyshire) 6 Feb 2009, 11:11pm

    I totally agree-My partner and I used to live in a small village at the top of a valley in south Wales-and the homophobia was relentless.Every day we experienced verbal homphobic abuse-and were physically threatened all the time. We were afraid to walk down the straeet in the end. When we called the police-they just ignored us- as they were violently homphobic too. Imagine the contrast when we moved to a small village in Derbyshire! It was like moving to heavan! We have been here seven years- and at no time suffered any abuse-its like a different planet!!

    My advice for all those gays suffering in Wales-is to get out of that intolerant hole!! Its not for nothing that the last anti-semitic parade in this country took place in the welsh town of Tredegar in 1912!!! They hate jews too!! They are just little narrow-minded bigots down there!!

  3. Not much surprise – a Welsh friend living in England told me he couldn’t stand the general insularity of the community where he grew up. However, I suspect England is not much different regarding the big schools. John of Derbyshire’s message is very heartening since my partner and I love the Peak District and are thinking of retiring there or nearby. Certainly everyone seems ok in our usual holiday place. Where exactly did you settle, John?

  4. Keith SIMPSON 30 Apr 2009, 11:22pm

    Wales…Poland…Vatican City….all the same.
    Religion ridden, 14th century time-warps.
    And all in the E.U. stangely…?
    One law for you, a different one for religious bigots.

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