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Home Office is failing HIV+ asylum seekers claims charity

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Reader comments

  1. Abi Chrisopher 5 Feb 2009, 4:36pm

    Who is protecting the NHS from the onslaught of foreign nationals looking to take advantage of it.

    We are not the worlds health service.

  2. john sexton 5 Feb 2009, 5:16pm

    With such “charitable” thoughts you belong in the Catholic church!

  3. I am outraged by the facts that government of Great Britan disregards needs of poor and suffered ill gay-immigrants, refused recognise their human rights on expedient refugee status. In addition I am outraged that among UK gays, as I can see from two comments from Abi Christopher b John Sexton, existed nasty bigots, who are void of basic humanist considerations for the suffering human beings. Such gays acting out as perfect SS-men. That’s shame!!!

  4. Stephen Pennells 9 Feb 2009, 5:17pm

    Well, I’m shocked and disappointed. Isn’t the issue that all people should be treated decently- that’s a golden rule that isn’t uniquely Christian, though it is the one that led our congregation to affirm “Asylum Seekers welcome here” and has led us into our campaign to defend the life of one of our members threatened with deportation to the country where she was abused and contracted HIV. Let’s be positive and defend those who are. If you agree, please visit our website and take action (on or go to see the argument on Youtube searching for Mahoro Put yourself in my shoes.

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