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Mormon accused of polygamy to use gay marriage as defence

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  1. Please stop calling polygamists “Mormons”. You are being misleading. These are break away sects who refuse to accept polygamy as having stopped in 1890 by the real Mormons.

    With that said, if the gays can use deception and wrangling of words to convince the world they want marriage, then any other deviant group can do the same. See what you started! Ugh!!

  2. Jancis M. Andrews 4 Feb 2009, 5:38pm

    Winston Blackmore is a fool to use the “same-sex marriage” argument. Same sex marriage in Canada is still limited to two consenting adults who have equal rights. When one of the partners dies, the other is entitled to inherit his or her estate. This does not happen in Blackmore’s polygamy. Girls in Bountiful are assigned to “marry” the elders whether they like them or not. Moreover, when Blackmore dies, his concubines will have to fight one another over his estate … none of them have legal spousal rights. As well, Canada’s Charter states that women have complete equality with men …an equality that Blackmore and the other male elders firmly without from the women. Blackmore will lose, and thank God for that.

  3. See, I have no issue with the legal recognition of multi-persons relationships, but I really have issue with the mysogonist notion that ‘multi-persons relationship’ translates as ‘let’s see how many women and girls I can bye and abuse’. It’s a serious problem in some comunities (but no more an argument against polygamy than women and girls being bought and abused in monogamus marrages is an argument against marrage).

  4. jancis. M Andrews- Totally agree. At the heart of a healthy marriage is mutual respect and mutual rights. @ Shelly… Just because gay rights activists want equal recognition for civil partnership, it doesn’t then follow that someone else can collect spouses like Pokemon trading cards.
    It’s normally the man who wants a hareem of women, seldom ever the other way around. If you want to play the field or have an open relationship do so, but don’t try using gay rights as a thin end of the wedge justification for a farcical mysogynist multiple wedding ceremony. Bottom line is that in a gay ceremony everyone is happy and equal, in a Mormon polygamous marriage one half has to share the man with 12 others and looses out bigtime. It’s like officially sanctioned cheating.

  5. Simon Murphy 4 Feb 2009, 8:08pm

    I can sort of sympathise with the arguement for multiple marriage but bearing in mind that the cult that these 2 men are a member of ONLY allows multiple spouses to men and not to women then they are morons.

  6. Shelly, you’re a buffoon. That comment makes no sense at all. Yeah, right, we gays are responsible for these pack of freaks. Get a life you fool.

    Mormons are nutters, no matter how fundamentalist they are. Its a bit like arguing that beer isn’t an alcoholic drink simply because a Cosmopolitan is stronger.

  7. Interesting how a few years ago, the Church of Latte Day Saints issued a statement that although welcoming civil liberties for the LGBT community, also was firmly AGAINST gay marriage. And yet now we have a follower of this church seeking to use gay marriage as an argument (albeit one which makes NO sense whatsoever) for polygamy. Either you’re for gay marriage or not – make up your mind, Mr Blackmore!

    As for Shelley, I’d be interested to hear what “deception and wrangling of words” you’ve heard because for most of us the message is clear: WE WANT GAY MARRIAGE (nothing “special”, just teh same rights as heterosexual couples). Nothing deceptive about that!

  8. Andrew Quick 5 Feb 2009, 12:43pm

    Has to be said anyone that believes in a book of fables is a fool.
    Shelly you are inc in that.

  9. The question of multiple-partnered marriages is more complex than same sex marriage. It’s much simpler to demonstrate that same sex marriage promotes stability and social well-being than with polygamy and/or polyandry(multiple husbands). But if it can be demonstrated that the state has no compelling interest in the matter, they have a shot at getting it legalized. I’m pretty sure though, that the snarl of legal issues, such as inheritance, guardianship, tax liabilities, etc., will keep them in limbo for quite some time. A fundamental issue seems to be the degree to which people have the right to demand control over their intimate relationships.
    If we, as a society, choose to acknowledge that the state has the power to regulate the home, then to what degree will we allow the state to exercise that prerogative?

  10. Dave Crea 9 Feb 2009, 6:39am

    Fundamental polygamists are not Mormon please correct your article as it is slanderous against a global church with one of the strongest stances against polygamy, immediate excommunication. Polygamists are not Mormon see the APA style guide for your reporting.

  11. Dave Crea 9 Feb 2009, 6:40am

    APA style guide

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