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Gay Republicans welcome election of first black party chairman

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Reader comments

  1. Christina Engela 3 Feb 2009, 6:03pm

    Gay Republicans???? Wot? Isn’t that like “military intelligence” – an oxymoron? How can gay people even think of supporting a party that has done little but oppose, fight to remove and practically obliterate GLBTIQ equality??

    They need to wake up and smell the bovine excrement.

  2. Gay republicans? Isn’t that like vegetarian butchers? I’m sure they exist, but I wouldn’t want to think how much self-loathing would be involved in their creation.

  3. @Christina – yay for stereoing. :D

  4. Ahhh… feel the hate.

  5. Brenton H 4 Feb 2009, 2:48am

    This is definitely a non-story!!!!!

  6. This is definitely a non story for Europeans. For us rational Americans its pure comic gold. Who do the Republicans think they’re fooling. This guy was elected to the position to bring in more minorities to the Republican party nothing more. As a black man I hate to say it, but he is nothing but a token and a tool.

    As for the Log Cabin Republicans, they are a joke. They are so happy about a man who has said as recently as yesterday, that he is against equality for them. They are delusional.

    I will be laughing at those silly Republicans for years to come.

  7. Another Chris 4 Feb 2009, 6:15am

    Jon Stewart summed it up brilliantly last night – “Republicans, I appreciate what you’re trying to do here. He’s your voice of change, your Barack Obama. But you know, it’s not as simple as that. Michael Steele, he’s like… remember when your kid wanted a Tickle Me Elmo for Christmas, but all the stores were sold out so you went to Chinatown and got him a Giggle Time All-Mo?” Cue the graphic of a comically misshapen Tickle Me Elmo ripoff with buckteeth. “Michael Steele is the Republican Party’s Giggle Time All-Mo.”

  8. So this is the Republicans’ “me too” moment.

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