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Nassau man freed after using gay panic defence at murder trial

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Reader comments

  1. Absolutely pathetic. This country needs to divest itself of these countries or use its influence to make changes.

  2. Har Davids 2 Feb 2009, 3:46pm

    So, according to the good people of Nassau, if a woman makes a move on me I might use (disproportionate) violence against her and get away with it? How enlightened!

  3. “Show the nation you don’t impose yourself on somebody, because one day you just might meet the wrong person.”

    Well, all those charities asking for money better watch out then. And Jehovahs Witnesses who could ‘impose’ themselves on people, and salesmen knocking at your door, market researchers – oh, no, wait a minute. It’s only GAY people that applies too. Silly me.

    Disgraceful. That sounds like a threat to me, and I’m surprised a lawyer’s allowed to say anything like that.

  4. Seriouly, it is impossible to predict how a Straight person will react to an agressive advance. A friend of mine had to jump out of the 1st floor window (of his own home), to ‘excape’, as he put it. Had he been bigger, he said, he would have trashed the fellow!

  5. Unbelievable. Just claim that the dead victim made and advance –if he is a well gay person, even better- and walk free with you gay panic murder.
    You know, it can be a couple of words. A suspicious gaze. A sudden movement. It’s just a gay. His life is worth nothing.

  6. Well I guess that shows just how far we still have to go to get proper and equal rights to ‘normal’ people. The most frustraiting thing about this is we are now celebrating the election of a black president and everyone is going on about how far the world has come and yet the LGBT minority have been conveniently forgotten about

    One thing’s for sure, I’ll never be holidaying in this area of the world

  7. This is a case of stupidity of an antiquated government style and island mentality that I hope people, especially gays, will NEVER visit again. The proposterous idea that of a “gay defense” is creepy and shows the “island” mentality – a human is a human, gay or not,and this supposed “man” that was acquited should still face charges of civil rights violations: remember, he was invited by the decedent; and NOT to be murdered. The logical thing a normal “man” would do is say, “I am not interested” and leave. We all should write to the Nassau governmrnt & tourism web site and complain-I know I will. My condolences to the grieving family and friends and remember, karma goes and comes.

  8. Only when we decide collectively that we have had enough and togther take action will this ever change. We should be inviting all right thinking people to avoid the Carribean as a holiday destination and don’t do business with them. They hate us, but they certainly love our money. Publicity and opposition to this loathsome homophobia needs to be made political now.

  9. Terry Floyd Johnson 3 Feb 2009, 5:27pm

    The Bahamas are to be put on the list, of countries that believe in the murder of gays. This list is for those countries who are barbaric, murderous, and shall receive their just reward.

    They create their own doom.

  10. Please don’t put all of the Carribean islands on notice. Puerto Rico, where I am from, caters to our tastes and style! Many gays visit and live in San Juan, the island’s capital, and are respected as such. I have invited ALL of my gay friends and they return to the US pleased with the treatment they receive. Thank you! WE SHOULD BOYCOTT NASSAU AND THE BAHAMAS!!!

  11. We should do more than boycott, We should publish a list of countries that treat us as shit to be killed an do public manifestation and encourage gays and their friends not to go there. Of course, they love our money, but… a bad image would damage then in publicity.God, that sentence is incredible, a complete nonsense… So, I could kill all the straight girls that make me sexual devance and declare straight panic? Is that logical? This is homophobia, juridical homophonia.

  12. Ste McCabe 4 Feb 2009, 12:19pm

    If a woman murdered a straight man every time he made an unwanted seuxal advance towards her, the world’s straight male population would be in serious trouble.

    1. Indeed!
      However, I would be surprised to see this same judge let the woman walk free…..

  13. Pure institutionalised homophobia. What a laughable defence, clearly everyone involved hated gay men.

    The point is, this guy still murdered someone (probably defenceless as not sure about you but I don’t usually carry a knife when I am horny!)….. why is he just walking away???

    It must be Darwinian or something, the hatred that most people carry for gay men (even gay men themselves, in an internalised way – just look at bears, for an easy example!). I wonder if society will ever be able to move on.

    All the more reason for Pride 09!

  14. We in the Bahamas are a christian nation. We have our share of problems like every other country. We are tired of anyone, including gays, who come to the Bahamas and think they can do as they please because we are small black nation, and feel like we need your money. We won’t trade our values for your money. Some things are worth more than money. Colonial days over with! Gays are a people that will always be tolerated but never accepted in the Bahamas.

  15. Well, any guy can now kill at about every guy they want by just using the gay panick defence…..
    After all, any guy who publicly does seem to be heterosexual could be secretly gay and the killer only has to claim to have been ‘defending his manhood’…..
    Idiot bigots! Especially the judge basically instructing the jury…

  16. BTW, the article on PN screws up with this pasrt of the text:
    “The defendant said that Mr Williams, the brother of a prominent local politician, accepted an invitation into the murdered man’s home in February 2004.”
    As I assume the defendant did accept the invitation into the home..

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