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Ethiopian faith leaders call for constitutional ban on homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 2 Feb 2009, 12:14pm

    Further evidence (as if any was needed) of the evil, facist, undemocratic nature of organised religion. The fact that these evil cults are campaigning for a constitutional ban on homosexuality in a country riven by famine and conflict what little regard these cults have for human life. I spit on them.

  2. German Catholic Bishop of Fulda recently told gays to stay very quiet in the closet. He further said that gay marriage and adoption were perverse.

  3. It’s a real shame that the church spends so much time and effort on this issue. What about the poor, needy and hungry of the world, the ones they are suppose to care about?

  4. Simon Murphy 2 Feb 2009, 2:05pm

    Oh please – I can’t think of a single church which places its members in a more important position than the church itself. Churches are about the exertion of power over its members. They have nothing of value to offer society.

  5. I seem to remember the Catholic Church wouldn’t support the recent UN call for international decrimialisation of homosexuality claiming that it didn’t want to have certain legal recognitions of homosexuals in case it led to gay marriage however they didn’t wish to persecute homosexuals. Here we have a branch of the church actively pushing for criminalisation and persecution of homosexuality. Why is the church not sanctioning them? What has the Anglican church got to say in terms of sanctioning it’s branch? Nothing, Look at the Catholic church fomenting hatred and slander towards gay people who adopt in relation to the governments equal opportunities act and the recent Scottish case. It seems to me that the Catholic church in particular under Ratzingers rule has engaged in a war on homosexuals. They hide behind their religious beliefs to excuse their appalling behaviour and bigotry.

  6. Har Davids 2 Feb 2009, 3:40pm

    Religion = Hate, seems to be the formula these days. Every now and then mankind seems to growing up a bit, and in come the bigots.

  7. john wilfred sharp 3 Feb 2009, 4:05am

    ban religions now !

  8. most religions in this country at least seem to claim charitable status.

    However, their overtly political activities are obviously non-charitable within the meaning of the law. So why can’t the Charity Commissioners investigate?

    Oh, wait: it’s religion!!

  9. Ethiopia? Aren’t people starving there? “Dumb and perverse”? Did this idiot mean heterosexuals who commit by far the most heinous crimes against women, each other and children? Gays are the most intelligent, savvy and industrious people on this earth. The church? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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