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01 February 2009

  • 1st February 2009

    Coronation Street Spoilers: Two proposals for Becky

    Jason is an officer – and a gentleman!

    4:45 PM — When the factory girls turn up at Underworld to find it locked up and no sign of Carla and Tony, alarms bells ring. Maria tells them what she saw the previous evening and so Julie goes to their flat to find a blood-soaked and dejected Tony. She fears for Carla but later Leanne and Maria go to the flat and a drunken Tony says she has left because she was in love with Liam all along. How will Maria take this last bit of news?

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Ricky could be Tiffany’s Dad 1

    Ricky finds out that Tiffany could be his

    4:38 PM — Women are the centre of all Minty and Garry's problems this week – starting when Minty insults Heather about her appearance, claiming she isn't a “real woman”. Then Garry gets it all wrong by thinking Dawn has finally fallen for his charms – when all she wanted was a good friend. His attempts at proposing to her fall flat and he can't take the rejection – so ends up disappearing. When the police call for Minty with some news they have found the car Garry was driving by some cliffs, should her and Dawn be worried?

  • Hollyoaks Spoilers: Calvin feels the strain

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    4:19 PM — Calvin is feeling the strain of trying to keep his wife happy as Carmel starts discussing holidays now that Calvin's making more money at work. Realising that he'll have to make more cash if he wants to give Carmel what she craves, Calvin goes to see Warren and asks for one more job. Sasha also drops in on Warren, hoping for more of the same from the other night, but he's not in the mood and is cold towards her.

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