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Video: US “family values” group targets Pepsi’s British gay advert

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Reader comments

  1. “AFA asked Pepsi to remain neutral in the culture war. Pepsi refused.”
    As far as I can see Pepsi complied with being neutral… i.e. it gave proportional representation to hetrosexual relationships and homosexual ones across a long roster of advertising campaigns. That sounds pretty neutral to me unless the AFA would prefer Gay people to be entirely airbrushed from culture in true Stalinist style. Oh wait…

  2. Neutral in the “culture war” from the AFA most likely means no homosexuality in any advertisement, even that which is implied. In other words, if Pepsi were to be pro-hetero and feature lots of advertisements about boy/girl relationships this would be being neutral.

    I’d also suspect that if Pepsi were to show outwardly homophobic advertisements, that would also be deemed at neutral by the AFA.

  3. Outraged of Tunbridge Wells 30 Jan 2009, 7:50pm

    Good for PepsiCo! It’s about time more companies stood up to this bullying. McDonalds take note. There are more gays than there are AFA members, so speak with your wallet.

  4. Vo Dong Cung 30 Jan 2009, 9:24pm

    Anyone who forces people following his way is not love but facist power. Anyone who hurts the others is not Son of God but Son of Satan

  5. Boi Polloi 31 Jan 2009, 3:08am

    You can see the video with the original audio here:

    I was always a Pepsi drinker, now I think I’ll drink more Pepsi in response to this. Kudos, PepsiCo!

  6. Boi Polloi 31 Jan 2009, 3:10am

    Kudos, PepsiCo, I was always a Pepsi drinker.

    You can see the original audio track on the video HERE.

  7. Yay for Pepsi. About time a major company slammed the door into some homophobes face

  8. A predictable advert (guy fancying guy built up to as big surprise, gasp; it’s also pretty sexist)really, but does anyone get the feeling that AFA wouldn’t even have noticed this advert if it were just another offering about straight blokes trying to cop off with women in bars? And just what ‘family values’ as championed by AFA would that reflect?

  9. His friends don’t seem very happy to find out he’s gay/bi. Strange they didn’t already know. Look at the expressions of horror on their faces. Not a very positive advert, imo.

  10. Sabotage this stupid homophobic boycott!

    Go to and sign their petition in the following way:

    Give your first name as something like: Homosexuality is NORMAL
    Give your second name as something like: So GET USED TO IT!
    Fake any old US county, enter any 5 digits as your zip code, give a correct email address, and then submit. They’ll send you an email to confirm. Make sure you click the link they send you.

    Let’s sabotage this petition so very page of it has positive messages about homosexuality on it!!!

    Hee, hee, hee.

  11. Big deal. Gay people exist. Get over it. SUCH a non-issue these days, man.

  12. What great and worthy Christians the AFA are! They devote every minute of their time to feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, helping the poor and….oh, no, wait! Silly me! They’re too busy needless and irrationally persecuting LGBT people and spreading lies about the so-called ‘culture war’ and the ‘homosexual agenda’.
    Viciousness, bigotry, hatred – all things that Jesus promotes – NOT!
    The AFA aren’t, unfortunately, just harmless loonies, they’re a well-organised bunch of obsessed bigots who’ve increased their interference in the UK a lot recently. Human beings displaying such pure HATRED for any group of people is frightening, and, in my opinion, pretty much psychopathic.

  13. I agree with mike(above)about this advert. It’s a bit school-boy humour about being gay i.e. that’s it’s something to be laughed at. Although this so called religious group do need to get a grip, what’s their problem?

  14. Actually on viewing the ad, I can see what Mike and scotsbam are talking about… it does look like the guy’s mates think he suddenly turned into chopped liver the moment he started hitting on another guy. You’d think that would suit AFA’s agenda down to the ground.
    Just goes to show that it’s more the very existance of gay people they object to rather than mere context. Pepsi could try a bit harder if they’re attempting inclusive advertising…

  15. Colm Howard-Lloyd 1 Feb 2009, 3:03pm

    Ensuring equality and protecting people’s rights is not a “culture war”. The AFA are being highly devisive in using such a term to pressure corporations and media outlets into censoring any material that doesn’t support their view that homosexuality should ve recriminalized.

    They are not fighting a war; they are a hate campaign.

  16. I hate the ad, but kudos to Pepsi.

  17. I wonder how many AFA members know the stand of the Family Research Institute on sexuality. The FRI is the main source of “scientific” input into the AFA’s work. Here is what they say about human sexuality (hetero or gay). “Reproductive Sex Is Necessary, But Personal Sexual Experience Is Not. Only a modest amount of sex between men and women is necessary for social functioning. Some is needed to produce children and, beyond that, to 1) keep married parents together for the rearing of their brood, and 2) build loyalties assuring that society will not have to care for the parents while at least one spouse is able to do so.

    From society’s perspective, non-marital sexual activities are either non-productive or harmful. Except for ‘producers’ and ‘nurturers’ of children, other sex is recreational. Indeed, since non-marital sex often results in problematic pregnancies or contributes to the spreading of disease, it is best repressed.”

    I wonder how many good, pro-family Christians would indeed subsribe to that. They should know about it as this is actually from the FRI’s pamphlet on strategy for the “Culture War”:

  18. Ugh, Republicans. Why is this kind of crap still legal? It’s like listening to the BNP – not only am I astounded that such cretins exist, I remain acutely amazed that they choose to devote more time to organising boycotts than they do to thinking about the utter toss they stand for.

  19. James Whale 2 Feb 2009, 3:31pm

    Contact Pepsi UK and let them know you appreciate their stance on diversity – it’s frequently the bigots who shout loudly, giving a distorted view of public opinion on issues like this; the moderate majority are too often silent. Send Pepsi positive feedback and urge them (unlike Heinz) not to bow to Christian pressure and to maintain their support of LGB people.

  20. I actually find this quite homophobic! Look at the disgust of the friends faces!! Pepsi.. still playing too safe!

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