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Russian thug boasts of beating up gay German MP at Moscow Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I doubt he’ll get more than a slap on the wrist. With such institutional homophobia, the case for the prosecution will have barely any leverage to bring to bear.
    Does Moscow come under the umbrella of the EU?

  2. It wouldn’t make much difference if Russia did come under the Eu, after all, Poland, Estonia and places like that are full EU members and they are rife with homophobia in their governments and societies.

  3. For all this is awful thing to have happened to anyone, and i dont agree with the statement

    “There are normal gays who are not showing their preferences and there are faggots who are proud of their perversions”

    There is a small amount of truth there. So called ‘pride events’, for all the general gay community will say they are to demonstrate their pride, i stopped going to them after the first one, because what they are really about is sleeping with as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.

    Relationships are private, my choices in life are private, and i feel ramming it down people throats with these over the top camp events is a sign of insecurity and pointless posturing.

    For all this is probably not the shared view on here, look at it objectively, pride is an excuse for party, nothing more, nothing less. If it were really designed to increase awareness and change people’s ancient opinions, then the event would be completely different to what is actually is. Dont deny it, you go there for sex, nothing more.

  4. No Alex, you are wrong. Pride is indeed a party, but it is about celebrating our rights, the diversity of the LGBT community and out right to equality in societies throughout the world. In Russia, which is sadly pretty socially backward, pride demonstrations are all the more important as the raise the visibility of lesbians and gays and their persecution.

    Your post, frankly, sounds downright homophobic.

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