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Olympian Ian Thorpe ‘draws a line’ under gay innuendos

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Reader comments

  1. “…implicates my family and friends”
    Get a grip! It’s like he’s comparing it to being accused of murder! What a closet case. ;-)

  2. Also, a note to whoever wrote the article. I think you should say he was the “object of gay rumors” or the “subject of gay rumors.” NOT that he was the “victim of gay rumors.” That makes it sound like if people think you are gay, that is a horrible ordeal to go through, or even criminal. If you’re gay, you’re gay. If you’re not, people can speculate all they want and it won’t affect your life.

  3. “If you’re gay, you’re gay. If you’re not, people can speculate all they want and it won’t affect your life.”

    Trying tell Cliff that!

    All the best.

  4. I think it’s perfectly fair for Ian to tell everyone to stop implying he’s gay, if he’s not. I can understand him not wanting people assuming he or his mate were intimately involved. It’s not homophobic to say, “I’m not gay and neither is my friend.”

  5. Actually, this raises not questions about his character, but shows that he cares about the feelings of his friends and loved ones. He himself doesn’t care about rumors regarding himself, and doesn’t mind being a gay icon. However, it seemed he spoke about this because when the rumors extended to some of his friends, his friends were hurt by them, and it was no longer just about him. It need not be controversial to be concerned for the feelings of friends even when they may differ from one’s feelings of oneself. He’s basically saying, “If it’s just me, I don’t care. I welcome it. But I also care about my friends, and they’re hurting, so please honor their personal wishes.”

  6. Pink News, this dark grey background is ridiculous! What’s the idea behind it? Since Ancient Egypt and papyrus people have written in black on white/cream. Why on earth is Pink News sabotaging our communicating with each other regarding news items?

  7. (LOL Eddy!!!)

    Thorpy has put on quite a few pounds in recent years, it has to be said.

  8. I think it’s just fine for him to tell the press to shut up- it’s like the paparazzi hounding movie stars and trying to figure out who’s bagging whom. Then again, without rumors, where would busybodies be?

    However, I think that athletes have to expect a certain windfall from their fame- people like to think of male athletes as buff eligible guys who are straighter than a line b/c we associate being tough with being manly. If you’re gay and still a top athlete, that threatens the sacred stereotype, so people have to cook up rumors about you in order to feel better.

  9. Brian Burton 25 Mar 2009, 5:32pm

    I’ve always hated swimming, all that water rushing up your nose. A Church of England Vicker I knew once was picked for an Olimpic swimming team just before he was Ordained. So, he declined the team and worked in Parishes for many years up untill he died. At his funeral, the Bishop said to the morners in ulegy: Mervin (the dead Vicker) was very good at sinning-er swimming. Mervin was the only ex-swimmer I ever liked.

  10. what’s a vicker?

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