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Stonewall “deeply concerned” by homophobic reporting of adoption story

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  1. the least suitable place for children to be brought up is with a gay couple? Tell that to Baby P who died at the hands of his heterosexual mother and her heterosexual boyfriend, or to The austrian children of married heterosexual Fritzl who raped and imprisoned his daughter or that married couple fred and rosemary west who abused and murdered one of their daughters….actually statistcially children are far worse off in heterosexual familes than in gay ones. what a moron Amanda Platell is

  2. Daily Mail has reported well a true story. Homosexuals do not need to jump up and down and twist facts when someone speaks boldly. I understand your trouble to present the story in a different way so that people are cooled down, but you will have to fight truth with you false facts and statistics – basically as you usually do – and hate everybody around. Everybody is “homophobic” and you are the “victim” if they speak truth about you. I believe this story MUST be given a serious publicity to address this politically correct non-sense of “gay rights” in this country.

  3. Edward in Los Angeles 29 Jan 2009, 4:28pm

    To Amanda Platell: 49 to 51% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. So much for stability. If she doesn’t know, someone ought to tell her. I’ve had enough of homophobic reporters and TV reporters for conservative and so-called Christian organizations that throw out opinions without facts. What are the percentages of divorce in the U.K? Let’s see the cold hard facts on this so-called heterosexual stability.

  4. Edward in Los Angeles 29 Jan 2009, 4:33pm

    To Montoya…(the reader who posted the comment above mine) — homosexuals no longer “jump up and down”. We speak BOLDLY, unafraid of backlash, with a newfound belief in a new age that the laws of the land are our best ally. You’re a bigot, and judging by your reaction to this guttural nonsense in the Daily Mail, it looks like you’re the one who is jumping up and down.

  5. Pete & Michael 29 Jan 2009, 4:52pm

    Civil Partnerships although introduced in December 2005 does not take into account the length of time that the guyz or girls have been together beforehand, in our relationship we are embarking on our 24th year together.

  6. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 29 Jan 2009, 5:11pm

    Everybody is ‘homophobic’? Am I?

  7. It always makes me despair of the state of humanity when people assert that their views are “cold, bare truths”, and insist that they are backed up by statistical evidence, and then don’t say what their sources are. Not all “statistics” are the truth; it’s very difficult to collect truly reliable statistics. Many of the statistics that are cited in the popular press are fundamentally unreliable. Platell hasn’t even gone to the trouble of giving the actual numbers she’s supposedly citing. What makes me even more uncomfortable is that many of her readers are likely to just take her on her word that this is the truth.

  8. This story has been snapped up by a nutbag group called “International Men’s Organisation” they have a website and have the story outlined there including a link to the same-sex marriage rights petition to the Scottish Parliament started 13/ 01/09 by Nick Henderson. one particular poster “imo” (get it) is flaming the discussion with this story and other hate posts about paedophilia and adoption which have nothing to do with the petition. the “heterosexual” mens group IMO is misogynistic anti-women but especially anti-feminist, anti-gay and ant-semitic with a large smattering of David Icke style conspiracy theories, UFO’s and Fundamentalist Christianity.

  9. Daily Mail = lots of runny slurry in print form. Lap it up bigots.

  10. Who exactly says that ‘stability’ is the most important thing to raising children? I know plenty of married heterosexual couples who have been together for years, and will probably stay together forever. They have done untold damage to their children by doing so because, in insisting that stability matters most, they failed to recognise that their constant fighting/negative atmosphere actually does far more damage than splitting. Being loving and attentive to each other and to the children is far more important, whether that is by one parent, a heterosexual couple or a homosexual couple.

  11. The Daily Mail. For people to stupid to hate without help.

  12. Montoya, I love it when people tell us we have to listen to their “truth” instead of “false facts and statistics” and yet they can’t quite tell us why what they are saying is the truth and why “facts and statistics” are just false. I guess this is about faith, isn’t it?

  13. Stonewall deeply concerned?

    They should kick somebody’s butt for this. I am not “deeply concerned”, I am deeply offended and I want the Daily Mail sued for incitement to hate.

  14. What everyone seems to forget is that by international conventions, UK authorities are supposed to place the best interest of the child first. As long as Edinburgh Adoption Authority did their job properly and as long as all the checks have shown that for those children this particular gay couple were the best option, it should be fair enough.

    After all, no-one forced the mother to become a junkie, did they? When will people learn that any actions/decisions of theirs have consequences, and sometimes those are unpleasant.

    As for her parents, they probably did not raise their daughter properly in the first place – why would have she become a junkie otherwise?

    I wish I had the option of being placed with a loving, stable gay or lesbian couple – I could have been spared all those years of cruelty and abuse at the hands of my heterosexual parents. Frankly, looking back, I would have preferred to be raised by a pair of chimps than my heterosexual parents.

    P.S. Amanda Platell is a nasty Tory cow with a probable IQ of -5. Probably not getting enough in sack, so she has to spew hate everywhere she turns.

  15. This is the very Ms Platell who was William Hague’s chief policy advisor when he was Leader Of the Conservative Party and when he metamorphosed from a promisingly gay-friendly politician (remember his public wishing of good luck to 1997 London Pride? – the first ever by a Tory leader) to the most homophobic Leader of that party, at least since 1967 – even outdoing Thatcher in some respects (witness his vociferous opposition to the repeal of the of that invidious Section 28 – “politically-correct nonsense” he declared!) Did she also advise him not to support the vote for an equal age of consent? I can’t believe it was entirely coincidence. I theorise that she finds it hard to credit that there are men around who do not find her shapely self sexually attractive – and that riles her. At least it’s as good a theory as any.

  16. Bill in Uxbridge, MA 31 Jan 2009, 12:46am

    My spouse and I live in Massachusetts where we have adopted two brothers. We have been together for 15 years, married for five years and parents for three. Social Workers normally go to great lengths to reunify a family with either the parents or a relative if they are willing or able. For grandparents not to be considered…indicates that there must be a significant issues in play. Our boys have bloomed into well adjusted, bright children and are not being damaged by their gay adoptive family. They were being damage by their straight birth family. I wish to God that all children did not need to be placed into foster or adoptive homes…but that is not the case. There are more children than willing families to take them in. That is the story they should be shedding light on.

  17. One of the critical problems with the reporting here is that it is almost entirely one-sided. I don’t mean straight vs gay, but that we only have the grandparents’ views filtered through the Mail. The local authority and those related with the placement decision are unable (rightly, for protection reasons – but unhelpfully in this case) to speak out about the reasons for the decision, which may include the age, health, background, housing, finances etc of the grandparents – and the gay couple in question. The placement will not have been made on PC grounds, I am quite sure – social care staff are dedicated professionals who carry out their roles to the best of their abilities on low salaries, doing it because they care about people. To suggest that they are fighting a liberal cause offends me on their behalf. The Mail would do well to acknowledge properly how one-sided their coverage has been.

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