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Haggard’s wife reveals she knew he was attracted to men

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Reader comments

  1. “Mr Haggard is currently promoting a documentary, The Trials of Ted Haggard, that will be aired on HBO later this month.”

    This sounds great… it could be staged like one of those tacky reality shows i.e. “Temptation island” in which Haggard and his wife spend a fortnight in a tropical paradise surrounded by gay gigolos who attend to their every need. If he lasts 14 days without giving into temptation or crystal meths he gets $100,000,000,000. If he doesn’t the rent boys split the winnings!
    Does anyone have a number for the producers at HBO?

  2. Edward in Los Angeles 29 Jan 2009, 5:05pm

    Don’t bother with a number for HBO. Produce it yourself!…I think you’re got a hit show idea on your hands! – Lol

  3. Thanks Edward. On second thoughts, Ted Haggard might be better suited to the format of that other reality TV show “Playing it Straight” – you know, the one in which one girl is given a lineup of 10 potential male suitors half of whom are secretly gay and has to use her gaydar to eliminate the ones she doesn’t have a hope in hell of making out with. I would guess Ted would be eliminated in the early rounds though!

  4. who cares about this loser!

  5. I care that the supposed “consensual” sex with a young church goer most likely wasn’t consensual at all. Like some priests in the Catholic Church getting away with abusing children, it sounds like Ted haggard has been getting away with raping young men in the New Life Church. I understand that police are investigating but wealthy churches usually have very good lawyers.

  6. With gays like these who needs enemies…

  7. Kay – If you’re going to assert that Haggard was involved in rape rather than just consentual hanky panky on the side, maybe you need some good lawyers, or at least some hard evidence to back your assertion. There’s a big difference between having a gay fling on the sly and actual rape.
    Haggard may be a big hypocrite but as yet there’s no evidence he raped anybody.

  8. There is a problem with Ministers/Pastors have relationships with any member of their church consensual or not. There can be no separation between being a person in authority and a follower. Whether heterosexual or homosexual the relationship was wrong regardless of whether or not it was consensual.

  9. Rev JM, I don’t doubt there’s a problem with relationships between church leaders and the congregation. That said, Kay’s rape accusation makes the difference between a sackable offence with a whiff of scandal and a jailable one.
    I wouldn’t start throwing rape accusations around unless I was dead sure there was strong evidence for it, regardless of whether I liked the accused.

  10. What would keep a wife like Gayle Haggard with a husband whose fantasy is “to have sex with about 6 young college guys ranging from 18 to 22 in age.”

    MONEY, of course.

    All the best.

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