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Former Tory MP told to give back money paid to gay son

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Reader comments

  1. Outraged of Tunbridge Wells 30 Jan 2009, 4:51am

    Who gives a toss he’s gay? They are all on the take. Sack the little pr**k.

  2. I believe from what little I’ve read, that young Mr Conway is high maintenance.

    Perhaps his parents should have a special grant to care for a narcissistic lotus-eater

  3. Harry, London 30 Jan 2009, 8:51am

    Pink News does no-one any favours by raising the entirely irrelevant fact that the beneficiary of Mr Conway senior’s improprer behavious s gay. I don’t understand its relevance.

  4. I agree with all the above – Conway jr’s sexuality is irrelevant. There are 2 seperate issues. One is nepotism and the other is the media exploiting his son’s sexuality for cheap political points. Both are wrong, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right. The fact that he’s gay has no bearing on whether he should have been employed in that role. Either anyone should be allowed to employ their relatives in the house of commons or no-one should.

  5. The corrupt antics of the political class are never really news, of course, and, generally, only the tabloid press is interested in the sexuality of the protagonists. I suppose, though, that the supportive attitude of a crooked back-bencher towards his gay son is a sign of positive change.

  6. Hold on a minute. It says that the straight one was the one who was paid for work not done. The gay one was paid but did the work. So why on earth is the gay one the one in the spotlight? Why oh why does the gutter press sell more copies of a paper if the word gay appears in a headline? I take heart from this that the old man stood up for his son. Sure, overpaying was a mistake, but the press stories aren’t really about that; they are about the hoi polloi’s fascination with a bright-young-thing.

  7. Niko Westmuellen 3 Feb 2009, 6:35pm

    All of the reportage neglects to focus on the complicity of the sons in all of this as if the poor things had no say and were forced by Papa. Interesting how young and how quick, regardless of sexuality, these grubby right wingers hop on the gravy train and publicly show off their bare-arsed lack of humility. New Labour is f**ked, Tories are f**ked, Brit politics is dead… We need new ideas.

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