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US Christian school wins right to expel lesbian pupils

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Reader comments

  1. F**king hell! :o I’m gobsmacked. I don’t know what’s worse – expelling a child just because of their sexuality, or because of their parent’s sexuality. Both are equally discriminatory. Does anyone know if religious schools are allowed to do this in the UK?

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, if I was a lesbian pupil, this is probably the last school I’d want to attend, regardless of discrimination laws. It’s hard enough dealing with homophobia at school without the teachers endorsing it, whether overtly or in private.
    On the other hand this type of discrimination should not be underwritten by law.
    If I was given the choice at that age, I would sooner have gone to a school with inclusive policies than end up at the homophobic hell-hole I went to.

  3. How can LGBT people ever get close to equality when the law still discriminates against them?

  4. Could they expel a BLACK student or a DISABLED student. I think not. Then why a LGBT one? Religious people, once again showing how loving and caring and accepting they are!

  5. This is shocking! I agree as a lesbian this is the last place I would want to be, but how can the law uphold this kind of bigotry!!??? Why do they think so many gay kids end their lives!? Last I checked GOD is LOVE – nice job on the love Christians and lawyers for this school!!!! Appalled – and I want to come and live in your country…

  6. Typical, bloody typical. I’m not surprized through, Christians can be that way, very discrimitive. I mean what if that girl who has lesbian parents was a Grade A Student, down to earth, and did what she was told to do, they still kick her out? We all have the right to education, how is America a free country when people still discrimate?

  7. Har Davids 28 Jan 2009, 2:29pm

    Seperation of church and state, another project for the new Prez. As long as schools like these don’t receive any public funding, they can do whatever they want, I guess. But who in his/her right mind would send a child to a school run by bigots?

  8. Strange too that it is a Lutheran school — in most European countries Lutheranism is a tolerant denomination.

  9. Sick religious bigots. The world needs religion like a hole in the head.

    These so-called ‘christians’ just don’t seem to have noticed they really have become fascists. These nasty religious bigots just genuinely do not seem to realise how twisted and evil they have become.

    Very, very sad. Let’s hope Obama sorts these religious bigots out. Very, very evil minded people.

    In a way they are almost Psychopathic, as they actually have no comprehension of how nasty and twisted there beliefs have become.

  10. Edward in Los Angeles 28 Jan 2009, 10:02pm

    Riverside is a very conservative area. Let’s hope this case gets appealed again and goes further up the Courts.

  11. It’s about time the US got a Human Rights Act (like New Zealand has) to ban discrimination in the provision of goods and services on a range of grounds including sexual orientation. You’d also think even consumer legislation would give students the right to demand the education their families paid for. If the school hadn’t advertisied as excluding lesbians before they started, then they had a fair right to expect that education.

  12. Marion in Australia 1 Feb 2009, 6:34am

    They didn’t even prove these girls were lesbians. Innocent until found “guilty” does not apply to Christian schools? If my child was kicked out of school for dealing drugs (based on the word of another student)and he said he was innocent and they didn’t prove it, I’d be suing, and so should these families. The land of the free hey? (and non gay/lesbian)

  13. KWyon, in the US there is a more liberal form of Lutheranism, but the Missouri-Synod is still VERY homophobic–I suspect that is the group running the school in question.

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