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Scottish Catholics claim gay relationships cause premature death

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Reader comments

  1. Well, it certainly is bad for LGBT people if such vicious prejudice causes them to be liable to more homophobic attacks. Idiot.
    And this bit really pissed me off:
    “It is ever present at the service each year for the Holocaust memorial, as if to create for themselves the image of a group of people under persecution.”
    Yeah, right. That’s why all the Jews are there too, no doubt *rolls eyes*
    People as ignorant and bigoted as this need psychiatric help, in my opinion. I used to think it WAS pure ignorance, but now i think it’s vindictive prejudice based on the homophobes own insecurities. Get a shrink, and leave us alone, Mr K.

  2. Here we go again. Gay people who adopt aren’t worthy of the Catholic seal of approval.
    In my experience the people I encounter (and I count several of my friends in this) who were brought up in strict Catholic environments either end up totally neurotic or going off the rails in spectacular fashion. Perhaps Catholics shouldn’t adopt?

  3. unbelievable!! the church really has lost the plot now…”reduce the life expectancy of those involved” yeah right! Also love the bit about “gay lobby..attends Holocaust memorials to create the image of persecution” nothing to do with tens of thousands of gay men being murdered alongside the jews in Nazi concentration camps, or perhaps like his feloow religious nutter, the president of Iran, the bishop believes the holocaust is a myth, or maybe just the pink triangle part…..ignorance Ignorance Ignorance but what more could you expect from the Church..

  4. Pinkwinkle 28 Jan 2009, 1:08pm

    Does this bloke not realise that gays as well as jews were targetted during the war and sent to the death and work camps. Seems to me that he needs to spend time catching up on his history rather than making uninformed blanket remarks. And, as a social worker myself, I am sure that there is a lot more to the story of the young children being adopted than what this Bishop makes out. Again, another example of how the lack of information can create bigotry and hatred.

  5. Andrew Quick 28 Jan 2009, 1:12pm

    When we people with serious mental heath issues stop being allowed in places of power?

  6. I’m gay and a Catholic – what the hell am I supposed to make of this? Does the church consider me to be evil or what? They are turning away their own with this rubbish – if I have to choose between being gay and Catholic, then the church will lose. I’d heard that Cardinal O’Brien (who I once served as an alter boy) was considered a liberal before he was made a Cardinal, but they do say that power corrupts. By the way, Andrew Quick’s comment above is an insult to people with mental health problems, being compared to an evil, hateful c**t like Bishop devine of Motherwell.

  7. Not only were gay men murdered in concentration camps, the ones who were liberated then got sent to jail! Double whammy! Ignorant pig.

  8. The Right Reverend wants to check how many gays are murdered or attacked in the UK and then check how many Jews. He will find that gays are still persecuted, even in most of the countries, who decry the European Holocaust.

    As an aside: I am getting a bit sick too of the Jewish religious people, who appear to have taken out a patent on the word Holocaust as if the European one were the only one and that they were its only victims. 24 million Russian perished in WW2 and after. What about the Armenians, The Cambodians, The Chechens, The Rwandans and dare I say it the Palestinians. Were not these peoples not subject to ethnic cleansing and attempts at extermination? Holocausts in their own right. I know any criticism of Judaism is automatically anti-Semitic. Well that too is wearing bit thin. Sorry but there is more than one version of the truth.

  9. I know what “research” this old fool is referring to. IT was conducted by NARTH (the very mention of this lot should ring alarm bells). Some twit decided to collate the obituaries section of a news paper and correlate the data against age, and decide that is was more likely that gay people died young. This “study” is about as scientific as gutting a chicken to read the future, its results are criminally flawed, and the very use of the word “research” in conjunction with it is a travesty.

    In actual fact there is no proof of this man statements. But is that a surprise? The catholic church is nothing but a den of idiots brandishing fear as a motivator for hate.

    Any gay catholic should be ashamed to be associated with this lot, even if lapsed.

  10. God Hates Bigots – Bishop Devine is very far from Devine and he will burn in Hell.

  11. Har Davids 28 Jan 2009, 2:44pm

    The Nazis were equal opportunity killers, and gays, gypsies and a whole range of other people were deemed unfit to live in the 3d Reich, and this ‘bishop’ should know what happened to those people.

  12. I like how the Catholic church will happily use scientifc research when it suits them, even when the methodology of such research is extremely flawed.

    As for the adoption case, surely it is better for the children to be adopted by a couple – gay or straight – who are young enough to raise the children into their adulthood than pass them to the grandparents who may very well not be able to look after for much longer? Not to mention that there may very well be concerns about links to the children’s biological parents if they were removed for reasons of abuse or neglect.

    Seems like social services can never get it right. . .

  13. After reading Will’s comment above, I looked up NARTH as I’d never heard of them. I was shocked at what I saw on their website. How can anyone possibly say it’s scientific? It’s nothing more than homophobia. Although I descibe myself as a gay Catholic, I do not practice this religion but living in the West of Scotland, it’s a cultural description as well as being a relgiious description. I am not ashamed that the Catholic Church are dirty, homophobes, I am annoyed because I cannot see how they and I can have such differing views when I was brought up as a Catholic and yet I’m not a bigot. In a way, they are the Catholic equivalent of muslim extremists.

  14. scotsbam: I am shocked that anyone for any reason can describe themselves as a “gay catholic”. No other description than British/Scottish is required. It’s news to me that the west or any other part of Scotland needs a special culture, especially when it’s presumably only tio differentiate themselves from another branch of equal bigots on the other side of the religious fence!

  15. 1. IF I am likely to ‘die young’ at least I’ll die with a smile on my face!!!!

    2. If this idiot is happy to accept scientific research, even ridiculously flawed scientific reaearch, what’s his position on reputable scientific research that condoms prevent the spread of AIDS.

    This is just another ridiculously stupid outburst of the “Tell Lies for Jesus” Brigade … Jesus has my deepest sympathy for the crap that’s said and done in his name!!!

  16. In answer to Harry’s comment above, I do not practice any religion and do not believe in any god or Jesus or anything like that. I am quite happy to be described as both British and Scottish. However, the reason I say I am a Catholic culturally is because I was brought up (since birth) in a Catholic environment. My family and friends were all Catholics and I went to a catholic state school. We were always seen as being Catholics by neighbours etc, the majority of whom were not Catholic. Just as an Asian family in the street were seen as different. I worked in an office in Glasgow city centre were I was treated differently by my non-Catholic colleagues who assumed I was a Catholic because of my Irish surname, even though I had never spoken to them about my religious beliefs, or lack thereof. I will always be seen as a catholic in this secterian, bigoted part of Scotland, regardless of what I consider myself to be. Anytime I introduce myself, or apply for job or anything like that, I will be identified as a catholic simply because of my name. Yes, I agree this is wrong, but it’s true.

  17. ScotsBam – i think what Andrew means is that the Catholic Church cherry picks what they will and will not accept from the scientific community.

    As for me – I am a Catholic too. Yous know that the Catholic Church accepts that homosexuality is “not chosen” FACT! and that “discrimination” ought to be avoided. However, we are all called to “chastity” and can overcome our “tendencies” through “prayer”

    who supervised the creation of these teachings, yous may ask: His Holiness the Pope when he was Cardinal.

    one can read it here

  18. Simon Murphy 28 Jan 2009, 4:35pm

    Peter Kearney’s email address is

    Drop him a line to tell him what you think of him. I asked him to confirm that all paedophiles have been removed from the catholic clergy.

  19. just seen this story plastered all over the front page of the daily BIGOT, or atleast the bit about gays stealing children from their families in order to sodomise/eat them…Don’t want to be the first to cazst stones or pass judgement on others after all didn’t jesus say that was VERY WRONG, but these so called grandparents who turned their own daughter into a heroin addict now want to bring up her children, i thought maybe the baby P case might have shown that biological relatives aren’t always the best place for vulnerable kids to be reared

  20. This attack is shocking and sickening. Please everyone who reads this report it to the police. Such blatant hate-speech should not be tolerated.

  21. Erroll Clements 28 Jan 2009, 7:15pm

    Haven’t these twats got anything better to do? How about going out and loving your neighbour and doing some good in the community where it is badly needed, (which is what you are supposed to do on a good day!!) instead of slagging off the gay community. The church shows its true colours more and more, god only knows where their ideas of chrisianity come from since they most surely do not practice it. They become misguided bigots every day !

  22. What silly nonsense- totally unscientific- but medieval.

  23. Am disgusted at the article in the daily mail. Its extremely homophobic its demonising us. “the final blow was that the children would be adopted by a gay couuple” that comment made me really angry. I havn’t read all of it but am sure theres a lot worse comments in there. Complain to offcom and protest against this obvious hatefull attack on gay people.

  24. I love reading these sorts of ‘news’ stories just to get a giggle out of the next fantasy these idiots will dream up! So, its no longer about the good dying young…

    Seriously though, I would like to express my whole hearted sympathy to those of you who have to live with it in your own back yard.

  25. we need to report this to the police as a hate crime. complain to offcom about the daily mail’s article aswell. And report to the police about the daily mail.

  26. So, let me get this straight(?): an organisation made up of supposedly celibate old men, that peddles superstition and is rife with pederastry, presumes to know what our relationships are like.
    And where is the ‘overwhelming evidence’ it speaks of? Perhaps like the make-believe of Catholic faith, it’s all in their heads.
    If it wasn’t so homophobic, all of this would be laughable.

  27. Can anybody correctly advise whether we should report this to the police in Scotland or in our own locality?
    If to a section of the Police in Scotland, could anyone knowledgeably provide correct details about who to send to?

  28. i would say to just report it to the general police the daily mail is a national paper afterall.

  29. The Catholic church is chock full of hateful bigots and hypocrits.

    Let us not foget, that the Roman Catholic church sided with the Nazi party in Germany, with many bishops acting as Nazi informants. In addition, in Italy, the Catholic church actually worked hand in hand to support the Fascist Mussolini.

    As someone else above has said, many gay people ‘liberated’ from Aushwitz, were then immediately re-arrested for simply being gay. For any person who claims to be religious to state this is not true is a disgrace.

    Sadly, the Scottish Catholic church is an especially nasty, snivveling bunch of bigots, led by chief bigot Bishop Devine.

    To sum up – Catholics are c**ts, every last one of them. Pig ignorant too.

  30. Dominick J. 28 Jan 2009, 10:44pm

    I just couldn’t believe this new attack on Gays from the Moral defunct Catholic church. It’s absolutely hilarious and how any one could give it recognittion is folly. How any relationship cause premature death is the most stupidess comment to take with any seriousness….

  31. It is becoming very serious now to attack the gays in the community. Let us form our own spirituality and leave the churches to look after their own. Let us start by writing our own book of inspired verses. A gay church must not be built on a reaction to the present domination,but a real extension of the gay identity. (

  32. “He criticised the decision to honour Sir Ian McKellen for his work for equality, pointing out that Oscar Wilde was jailed for homosexual offences.”

    Is he for real? 50 years ago blacks were jailed for being black… does that make it right??? OMG!!! what a twat

  33. How anyone can imagine that the Roman Catholic Church has a shred of moral credibility left to cover its shame is beyond me.

    In the last few centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has been – directly and indirectly – responsible for radically shortening the life expectancy of hundreds of thousands of those involved, as well as many who didn’t want to be involved…

    …and that’s before we even begin to count the lives ruined by it’s voodoo guilt-manipulation teachings, and paedophile priests.

    Does the leopard change its spots?

  34. Fabulous news! A friend of mine just died at 96 and his partner died earlier at 93. Boy! I’m gonna live celibate and single from now on. Ooooh. How long will I live now???

  35. Chuck in Chicago 29 Jan 2009, 2:06am

    So, if the Scottish papists encourage all gays to have relationships, all gays will die early and the papists will be happy and go back to hating the souless, godless muslims the way they’re supposed to.

  36. Edward in Los Angeles 29 Jan 2009, 2:06am

    I suppose he thinks the 51 % (in the United States) of heterosexual marriages indicates stability? Their logic is nothing short of laughable.

  37. Women live longer than men, so lesbian couples will live longer than older straight couples. Maybe the Catholic Church should push for lesbian couples to be given priority in adopting children?

  38. “There is an overwhelming body of evidence showing that same-sex relationships are inherently unstable and reduce the life expectancy of those involved.”
    Reeeeeaaaaaally…. I’d like to see the stats that were run on the studies cited in this so called “overwhelming body of evidence.” Ever heard of confounding variables?

  39. The drug adict mother was incapable of raising her kids. If the grandparents are that mother’s parents then they didn’t do a very good job either. If they’re the father’s parents, then where is he in all this?

    A stable family, whether gay or straight, will be a hundred times better than anyone from their nascent family.

  40. You wake up one morning to the news that the Roman catholic church has gone!! Finished, ended, no more! It’s gone! Ah, the air suddenly seems clear, fresh and life revitalised and unoppressed! I can’t wait for the day…….and it is coming! Go on church, bang your drum of hatred, as hard as you like! Cause the more you do it, the quicker the day of your demise will come!

  41. Check this follow up by Amanda Platell from today’s Daily Hate. Take a stiff drink first.

    The article takes comments.

  42. Interesting that just the other day, one day [or two days] before Holocaust Memorial Day, the Pope recinded the excommunication of four bishops, one of whom is English [I think] and a well-known for his Holocaust Denial opinions!!! Draw your own conclusions!!

  43. So in the light of this wisdom the obvious thing for the church to do is to support gay marriage.

  44. “There is an overwhelming body of evidence showing that same-sex relationships are inherently unstable and reduce the life expectancy of those involved,” claimed church spokesman Peter Kearney.”

    So in the light of this wisdom the obvious thing for the church to do is to support gay marriage.

  45. “It is ever present at the service each year for the Holocaust memorial, as if to create for themselves the image of a group of people under persecution.”

    Ah, how silly! Like we need representatives at memorials to create an image of a group under persecution when we have chaps like him doing all the work for us.

  46. Terry Floyd Johnson 29 Jan 2009, 5:14pm

    The Scottish Catholic church has been taken over by mindless zombies, with not intelligence, and who are living in another place and time, not free democracies.

    These Scottish imbeciles are the bottom of the rotten barrel, in Catholic church, and as members of Scottish society.

    Perhaps, we can ship them off to the moon, when ships start going to the moon. The moon landscape is like their brains and their beliefs, stark, and unliving.

  47. Terry Floyd Johnson –
    “Perhaps, we can ship them off to the moon, when ships start going to the moon. The moon landscape is like their brains and their beliefs, stark, and unliving.”
    I thought you were going to say “Full of gaping huge craters” ;)

  48. Well, the best thing to do is channel this anger and join in wherever possible to oust religion from public life in Scotland, all areas, no exceptions. Religion is something to be kept private and has no place in any part of the public sphere and the mentally ill types like this should have no more voice than the loony on the soap box in the town centre. No point in debating with this bigoted institution, they actually do beleive what they say and you arent going to change that.

  49. These homophobes are NOT mentally ill. Mental illnesses are real and vary from depression to scizophrenia to ocd and lots more. These people are merely evil bigots, not mentally ill.

  50. The Catholic church ruled by fear and threats, I mean history is history Oscar Wilde was jailed in Victorian Britain, Sir Ian McKellen lives in the 21st century we have moved on since Oscar Wilde. I think that Catholic church knows it has lost much of it’s influence on the world of today and has to trow these little pearls of wisdom up now and then to try to frighten the world again but most of my catholic friends think they are crazy ideas. My friends adopted twin boys at 9 weeks old they are now 16 and are great lads and love their two Mums completely, the only mar on their lives is the homphobic s***s who called their Mum’s names, the boys got in to fights for them. The catholic church spouting this crap gives the numskulls of this world liscence to be homophobic because they can’t see past the catholic teachings or should I say the fundamentalist christian teachings.

  51. I agree with the post above. You see the Catholic Church has lost is ability to manipulate an increasingly sophisticated public who are better informed about the human condition and the world in which they live. And as we become ever more visible, people see that we don’t have horns coming out of our heads – that we’re perfectly normal, just like them!

    The Catholic Church has become ever more desperate and outspoken as it’s influence has declined. The sad thing is that their followers are being let down.

  52. Religion doesn’t seem to sit well with anyone these days. Many many things cause premature death – lord knows how many homosexuals have been put to death in the name of ‘religion’, right?

    What really shortens life is unhappiness and lack of personal security, for all of us, whatever our backgroud and disposition. Isn’t it time the church spread happy and uplifting messages, instead of damning us all for everything we do? That would get way more people through the doors!!

    Religion is scary.

  53. The Roman Catholic church in Scotland is right!

  54. Montoya – About what exactly?

  55. “The Roman Catholic church in Scotland is right!”

    I’m guessing this should read “The Roman Catholic church in Scotland is rightly screwed, because they’re a pack of idiots.”

  56. No, Montoya IS right!

  57. Keith SIMPSON 19 Apr 2009, 10:30am

    And how old is Ratzinger, exactly…?
    Nice young assistant that Georg Ganschwein…
    Not doin’ too bad, then, old Papa Ratzi, is he, for HIS age…?
    Joseph Ratzinger is a self-hating old poof and can go plait fog.

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