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People who reject Church teaching on homosexuality should leave says bishop

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  1. I agree …. stand back and watch as thousands of priests and Bishops, even perhaps the odd Cardinal or two, excommunicate themselves and then watch this homophobic institution implode!!!!!

  2. I am a Catholic. as for Church teachings…

    The Catholic Church accepts that homosexuality is “not chosen” FACT! and that “discrimination” ought to be avoided. However, we are all called to “chastity” and can overcome our “tendencies” through “prayer”

    who supervised the creation of these teachings, yous may ask: His Holiness the Pope when he was Cardinal.

    one can read it here

  3. I left years ago after being abused by my Catholic schoolmate peers. Am I the only one that thinks that these fundamentalist idiots need to be banned from the public eye?

  4. Niko Westmuellen 28 Jan 2009, 4:55pm

    Any one interested in a mass self-excommunication over a long-weekend in Rome?

  5. Niko Westmuellen 28 Jan 2009, 4:57pm

    It’s also high time to tackle all the major houses of ‘god’ on homophobia.

  6. International Ex-communication day, anyone?

  7. Ok, back in my youth I used to be part of the marginally less rabid Xtian institution known as Church of England, but I’m way ahead on the rejection of the dogma and leaving bit.
    That said, I haven’t made it official yet. I’m starting to think putting it on paper is a good idea.

  8. Erroll Clements 28 Jan 2009, 7:16pm

    Excuse me but am I missing something here, when has the church ever made us feel welcome? They say one thing whilst they do another, if they are not too busy abusing little children?!!

  9. Bishop -you leave the church.Why – you are lacking in compassion andpastoral care- you are far from Jesus- GO!

  10. Erroll is on a roll! When I was a kid, I felt a errie sort of atmosphere in the church, like hatred abound in there. Plus I knew I was gay since I was little (try 8-9ish years old) and was forced to go church and when then I knew how the church felt on homosexuality. (I was smart for a 8 year old huh?) It just feels like a fake unity in there, like its just a front for something different from their so called teachings (like something from the movies)

  11. I don’t see why folk should have to excommunicate themselves from the Roman Catholic Church.
    When I wrote to them I excommunicated them from me, I felt it was a much more empowering move.
    But, either way, I strongly recommend to folk that they formally part company with this sick institution if they are considered in any way to be a part of it, it can feel wonderfully liberating.

  12. What is it about being a homosexual so repugnant to the Church? Heterosexuals are committed to the sexual act; it is central to their lives. Let us take a closer look at the assumptions of the church leaders. A mystery is not a proof.

  13. what does it mean, “gay”? It cannot be an opposite of heterosexual; the human is not so pure a category. Nature produces diversity automatically. This is just a convenient category. See, the” World of Male Love” website for some interesting debates.

  14. In the words of Christopher Hitchens, the Catholic Church is an “institution that has produced and sheltered an elite army of child-molesters”. The church is an innately reactionary and unenlightened institution and progressive gays shouldn’t be anywhere near it in the first place.

  15. What a brilliant idea, Bishop!

    I believe that EVERYONE who doesn’t truly agree with all of the articles in the Catechism of the [Roman] Catholic Church should pack up, sign out, and leave, pronto!

    How many congregants do you imagine they’s be left with?

  16. Edward in Los Angeles 29 Jan 2009, 2:08am

    Another pompous asshole – this time one with a good idea. Let all decent kind people who are not involved in bigotry break off and start their own church!

  17. Chuck in Chicago 29 Jan 2009, 2:21am

    I grew up gay and sexually abused in a small town. 12 years of a papist school system.

    No wonder my dick is pierced.

  18. People shouldn’t confuse the idea of the words of Christ, with what the Church says, or what the Pope says. Jesus Christ never said anything against gay or lesbian people. Christ talked about showing love and compassion. If the Pope and the Bishops can’t follow Christ’s teachings of love, they should ex-communicate themselves.

  19. If anyone thought human beings were not resilient, they should check Chuck’s entry.

  20. “For far too long, gay men and lesbians have been treated like mushrooms.”
    Tee hee hee!

  21. Gay catholic? That very term is an oxymoron

    EVERY gay catholic should leave. This “trying to change from within” is a load of nonsense. A person of colour does not change the KKK by joining it. If you’re gay and catholic, then you need to ask yourself what’s missing in my make-up that makes me pander to a group of nasty bigots who are single mindedly trying to suppress us?

    Bishop Grech is quite right. He’s said there is no place for gay people in the church, and he’s right, so why are there still some “gay catholics” who wont bother to get off their arse and send this corrupt pack of freaks a very clear message by getting the hell out of that church?

  22. Har Davids 29 Jan 2009, 1:20pm

    Everyone is his right mind should leave, as the RC church isn’t interested at all in people who use their brains occasionally. Just check out; if that doesn’t put you off, nothing will and you’d better hang on to the pope and his weird notions.

  23. Har Davids 29 Jan 2009, 1:36pm

    There’s no place in any organisation that’s run for and by bigots; too bad many people don’t agree with those haters but are just too lazy to give up the membership they got from their loving parents.

  24. Alan Parker 29 Jan 2009, 2:40pm

    3 years ago I tried to get excommunicated from the roman catholic church and I’m still waiting to have it confirmed that this has been done. It would appear that living in a town other than the one that you were baptized in means that they have a hard time accepting you want to leave.

    Either that or they want to keep as many people as possible. Either way they still consider me a member of their cult.

    And a pervert.

    Double whammy!

  25. Bill Perdue 29 Jan 2009, 4:07pm

    Agreed. Lukie, are you listening?

  26. Terry Floyd Johnson 29 Jan 2009, 5:10pm

    I have a better idea, all within the Catholic Church, who interpret Jesus teachings, with their own self-affirming hatreds, leave the church.

    This means all priest, biships, archbiships, cardinals and the pope.

    Catholics will have a fresh, open and non-political church.

  27. Will, I could not disagree more. In fact, I would go so far as to say that your suggestion that the term “gay Catholic” is an oxymoron is complicity with homophobia.

    Catholics leaving the Church will not only satisfy Bishop Grech and his ilk, it will also make it much less likely that it will move in the direction of embracing gay and lesbian people (perhaps why the Bishop thinks it’s such a good idea). Leaving the Church out of anger and bitterness is weak. It is gay and lesbian Catholics who remain in the Church despite institutionalised prejudice at the highest levels who are really brave. At a time when there are few real battles left to be fought in a cringingly PC society, the Church is still a forum where there are real and important struggles to be faced. Gay and lesbian Catholics deserve your admiration (if not necessarily your agreement), not vitriol and contempt.

  28. Just which of ‘Christ’s teachings’ is Grech referring to? Jesus’ indifference to sex, marriage and the family is legendary. Apart from condemning adultery and divorce (unless the motive of the latter is the former), he had no interest in these matters. He even encouraged people to leave their families in order to follow him – a notion quite shocking to today’s evangelicals and Counter-Reformation RCs. He would be entirely baffled by the bizarre obsessions that modern Christians claim as derived from him.

  29. All these homophobic actions of important Catholic bishops seem to be a concerted action. In Germany the Bishop of Fulda has just declared that gay marriage and gay adoption were “kinky” in front of 40 teens.

  30. Rob Alexander 2 Feb 2009, 3:14pm

    rjb would be on the right lines if ‘Gay Catholics’ (priests and lay)were free to make their views known. Sadly, those who attend in silence are recognised by the Church only as accepting its teaching on homosexuality. Sad but true. Gay Catholics should try wearing a rainbow sash to communion and see what reception they get.

  31. Bud Burgoon-Clark 23 Mar 2009, 5:35pm

    Watered silk dresses? Belgian lace dusters? Red Gucci pumps? And we’re supposed to take this bunch SERIOUSLY?

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