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Lihtuanian MPs consider law against “promotion” of homosexuality to children

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 27 Jan 2009, 12:52pm

    Section 28 is back.

  2. it would be almost unbelievable if it wasn’t so sad! Lithuania at the same state of homphobic lunacy as Thatchers britain! For once i think the EU has to hit this hard on the head, it’s one thing to ignore EU wide equality legislation and another to introduce new national legislation which breaches EU law

  3. Vilnius is European Capital of Culture in 2009. This is a shame! They should get no money from the EU!

  4. I was under the impression on EU state can legislate to oppress the rights of a group? Clearly I was wrong.

    We should kick this twits out of the EU, they’re not ready yet and they’d be better off back under Russian “protection”.

  5. Lithuania is a brave country. It does not hesitate to tell the truth and does not become enslaved in political correctness to risk the lives of their generations. I hope it sets the example for other European countries very soon. More and more need to join their view on this subject!

  6. commanderthor 27 Jan 2009, 5:10pm

    Dear Alexander, why so much hate?

  7. Welcome Alexander :) You seem to be very interested in pinknews: News, reviews and comment from Europe’s largest gay news service. I am glad you are interested in learning more about the other European democracies and legislation. Never too late to learn :)

  8. Welcome to Europe, Alexander. Never too late to learn! Must be very interesting for you here :)

  9. kick them out!

  10. commanderthor 27 Jan 2009, 8:34pm

    Why so much hate Alexander?

  11. “Lithuania is a brave country”

    Sure you are… only the “brave” oppress others. Like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot:- All brave like Lithuania.

  12. Dear haters,

    Chris, I spent my life in Europe. It has always been interesting in here and I started learning when Europe was still healthy. It looks like you have to start being honest with yourself and see what fruit your life is bearing, and eventually learn;

    Commandethor, I have no hatred. If someone disagrees with you, it does not automatically mean that he hates you. It is the tactic used by the members of your “group” – disagreeing equals hatred. YOUR hatred is looking for empty rhetoric, on which all your political cause is based;

    Will, what does Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot have to do with advocating healthy life-style? It seems that you have nothing to say, and therefore, you feed everyone with this non-sense. I meant “brave country” to suggest that they say what they think without bending under the new European lunacy. They do not want to have social experiments and say it clearly.

  13. Alexander, I must admit I don’t like haters! :(
    And you are wrong. Europe is still healthy. But we have to be aware of mind sick people declaring hatred as bravery. Next wrong assumption: I belong to no group. Last wrong assumption: I am honest with myself. I am healthy and my three wonderful sons are healthy too. My gay son is indeed a very healthy and strong person – full of love. It is really a problem for me to teach him to beware of haters. Alexander you say you spent your life in Europe. It must have been a European country full of hatred. I am really sorry for you.

  14. commanderthor 28 Jan 2009, 7:38am

    Dear Alexander, my only wish is for gay people to be free to love and to be loved, and to show affection for their partner, no more so than we have been made to witness by straight people for the past few millenia.

    Calling acceptance f homosexuality a risk to future generations is a form of hatred. We do not harm anyone by virtue of being gay. In fact, we’re not the ones breeding like rabbits and overrunning the planet’s resources. Many of us are working hard to make a better world for the children bred by straight people. Some of us even want to adopt abandoned children and give them a better chance in life.

  15. Alexander: “Will, what does Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot have to do with advocating healthy life-style”

    What? You think gay is unhealthy? Since when? Why, because statistically we have more money, education and better jobs than you poor religious types? What a load of nonsense.

    Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot all advocated their unique and singular views on what “social perfection” was about. Rather like you and what you consider “unhealthy”. And ironic that Lithuania was ruled by two of these men in the last century… a coincidence you have their “brave” views?

    Don’t try cloud your sick little hate under the auspices of “opinion”. What you have is not an opinion, opinions are based in logic and experience. What you have is a belief, and a twisted one at that.

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