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Icelandic politician may become world’s first lesbian Prime Minister

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  1. Hooray, go Icelandic person who I’ve never previously heard of. The moneymen retire to throw themselves from their penthouses, and some nice competent women move in. While we’re at it, could not Sandi Toksvig run Britain? I have this gut feeling she’d be good.

  2. Fine looking woman for 66!! You go girl and show ’em how it should be done :)

  3. Brian Burton 27 Jan 2009, 5:27pm

    An Icelandic Lesbian Prime Minister-Great.
    World Gay leaders, right from Alexandra The Great, have proved much better than Hetro leaders. It’s the same in many walks of life, Gays always exel in whatever they do.
    Brian Burton.

  4. Erm, except possibly spelling, but why should we be limited by such Johnsonian peskiness…

  5. I hope Lithuania is taking notice given their section 28 type nonsense at the moment. Why is it that the Scandinavian countries are generally so much more advanced in equality matters ?
    BTW agree Sandi Toksvig for PM and Ms Sigurdardottir looks stunning !

  6. Ooh. Sandi Toksvig would get my vote if I could vote in Britain.

    Johanna looks fantastic – exactly how I imagined an Icelandic lesbian. Well, except in my head she was dressed more like Grace Jones.

  7. This is what you gay´s always do! It doesn´t matter if Johanna Sigurdardottir is gay or straight. She is the best and most honest politician in Iceland and the best one to be prime minister. I have been involved with gays for 40 years, and it always irritates me that you always first and foremost judge people if the are gay or not. Gay´s are no better persons than straight people; in fact many of you remind me of Narcissus.

  8. commanderthor 27 Jan 2009, 8:38pm

    Anna, as a long oppressed minority, we always appreciate it when a gay makes it to “the top”, whether in politics, academia or anything else – it gives hope and inspiration to others, who have spent decades being made to feel inferior because of who they fall in love with, by Those-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

  9. Cod bless her!
    I’ll get me coat…

  10. 66 – I suppose there is very little sun in Iceland during winter !!!
    This is a big news and she looks Fierce (in a good way)
    Good luck to her

  11. Anyone who can get Iceland out of the crapper right now deserves praise, and the fact that she’d be the world’s first out gay world leader would make history. So, Anna, don’t be surprised if people might want to mention the fact and upset your delicate sensibilities by reminding you that straights aren’t number one.

  12. Hi everyone, I am actually from Iceland and can tell you that Johanna is very much admired here. Hopefully this is a sign of progress I had completely forgotten she was gay and to my knowledge that has never been an issue here. I can tell you that her looks have not changed over the last twenty years and she is married.

  13. We had the fyrst women president and know it looks like we will have the fyrst gay prime minister… thats why I love Iceland!!!!

  14. Gudrun Magg 27 Jan 2009, 11:33pm

    My beloved big family. Johanna is a gread woman, and she is the best person to save our country. If anyone can, she can. Like she once said herself “MY TIME WILL COME” and it sure has come. She is out and proud, married to her lovely wife, witch is hot to, buy the way ;)

  15. Ease up Anna and realise a bit of clebratory irony when you see it. If you have been ‘involved with gays for 40 years’ you should appreciate how far acceptance of gay people has come and perhaps you can imagine the underlying spirit of celebration and relief expressed in some of these posts.

  16. Har Davids 28 Jan 2009, 9:12am

    Nice example for the homophobic countries in the EU; let’s hope she’ll be able to prove herself competent and make a good job of it, or they’ll be using that against gays as well. Go Iceland!

  17. The remarkable thing I suppose is that no one in Iceland finds this particularly remarkable. No one thinks of Johanna as ‘the gay minister’. She’s just Johanna, the minister who’s always been honest, conscientious and hard working. Everyone is aware that she’s a lesbian, in the same way you’re aware that grass is green – it’s just something that is and honestly I don’t know a single person who sees it as having any effect on their views of her as a politician or even really thinking about it much. She’s neither loved nor hated by the nation for being a lesbian, it’s not something that’s ever come up when her work or career is discussed. She is just Johanna and the nation has always judged her by her work, by how she’s served the people and most feel she’s done so better than any other of our ministers. That I think is the real victory towards equality, when it’s such a non-issue that people like me are actually surprised that someone would find this remarkable.

  18. One day this will not be news.. the fact that she is an openly gay woman. However, in the time of change and transition I am pleased to read the news of her apointment. If only because of the high visibility this role will offer. Hopefully she will be a ‘good’ PM? From reading the report I believe she was voted most popular politician.. :)

  19. Arnar Jónsson 28 Jan 2009, 3:15pm

    she is great! i love her its so great that she going to prime-minester.. :)

  20. This is thrilling. I wish Jo the best of it. Iceland cant but be proud of being a place that tolerance has reached a very enlightened and matured level. This appointment is not about the person being a gay person, its rather more like the person being just a person like any other.

  21. Fantastic…Excellent excellent excellent. She looks fantastic, and Anna i don’t mean to be trivial , it’s just we don’t know much about her excpet that she’s a lesbian…and obviously a very attractive woman! I’m going to google her and find out more. And can i say to any Icelandic readers that though i generally think Gordon Brown is ok, the way he treated Iceland over the banking crisis was APPALLING, i felt so ashamed about that. i hope your countries fortunes turn around as soon as possible…now if only Magnus Schevring was gay!

  22. Einar Örn 28 Jan 2009, 5:29pm

    I’m also excited about the prospect of having a lesbian PM, but honestly that isn’t the reason why she is my favorite politician. In the wake of the banking collapse she is the only cabinet minister who did anything decisive on behalf of the people. As a part of her job she oversaw the state housing lender and she introduced and pushed through emergency legislation that allows people to delay or reduce their mortgage payments in the case of lay-offs or substantially increased payments due to the absurd inflation-fixed loan system we have here. She also made it possible for her agency to buy out foreign currency housing loans from the fallen banks and freeze them so that home owners don’t go bankrupt. For that she is my hero.

  23. D. F. Giancola 29 Jan 2009, 3:25pm


    I can see now why Iceland is number one on the human development index.


  24. First black President… now a lesbian Prime Minester! What is the world comming to?
    Just kidding :)

  25. In answer to those who ask “why make a big deal of her being gay?” we’ve answered that it’s good to celebrate our successes.

    It’s also the case that straight politicians FLAUNT their families for political advantage, so why shouldn’t we?

  26. Johanna – you make me proud of being Scandinavian and gay!

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