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Elton John accused of snubbing Argentina’s President

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Reader comments

  1. Cristina Kirchner is used to do the same on everybody. Elton did it good and he lost nothing.

  2. The headline for this story is wrong. Should be:

    “President Christine Kirchner of Argentina Snubs Sir Elton John”

    “President Kirchner postponed by five hours a scheduled encounter after Elton’s concert in Buenos Aires, one stop on his current tour. Faced with scheduling requirements, Sir Elton John left Argentina for his next performance, in Chile.”

    Is my pro-S.E.J. bias showing there just a tiny bit in my re-written version?

  3. Five hours? Who exactly is doing the snubbing, here? Was he supposed to postpone his next concert in order to meet with her?eith

  4. Erroll Clements 28 Jan 2009, 7:19pm

    Silly bitch has got high ideas of her own importance, maybe she needs that ‘LARGE’ pole shoved where the sun doesn’t shine to bring her back to reality?!!

  5. I agree, Elton John did no snubbing. The President did the snubbing. He was right to leave.

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