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Video: Gay Mayor ignores resignation calls and goes back to work

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  1. Until he resigns this story will run and run, and will be exploited by the religious right whenever Obama attempts to do anything for the gay community…what a complete idiot to sacrifice his life’s work to screw an 18 year old kid, the man’s a loser. the sooner he resigns the better for everyone including himself.

  2. The guy was 18. Oh sure when someone older gets raped by someone underaged it would be the fault of the older one right? Doesn’t matter if the younger one was mentally more sexually mature than the other one. The poor older one would still get in trouble for being raped. Yes I know this story has nothing to do with rape, but I wonder how many of you would be quick to throw the older person to the fires of hell.

  3. Andy, shut up. Sam Adams didn’t break any laws. He lied about his personal life. His personal life isn’t any of our business.

    It’s people like you Andy that are the problem. Turning consensual sex into a crime. MY Mayor didn’t do anything wrong, so why the hell are we talking about it? Because the Media has nothing better to do than try to hurt people to get famous.

    Also this has nothing to do with President Obama, or what he plans to do for the country. The two aren’t even related.

    If you want to talk about my Mayor talk about his stimulus package for the city, I glad he didn’t resign, and I hope he sticks to that decision.
    Proud citizen of Portland, OR.

  4. His sexual habits seem silly and reckless, but whom he screws is not really the point. He lied in order to secure and keep office, and pressurised others to do the same. He is plainly untrustworthy, and respect for the voters of Portland requires his resignation. If he still has so many wonderful things to do for his city, let him stand for office again and let the voters themselves decide if they are prepared to overlook his previous contempt of them.

  5. I agree with Jay. I wish we’d grow the hell up and stop making the private lives of politicians an issue. We could learn a lot from the French when it comes to stuff like this.

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