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Prime Minister honours gay victims in Holocaust Memorial Day statement

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Reader comments

  1. I am pleased that such a comprehensive statement has been released. It would be nice if it could be recognised sometime that some gay men were forced to serve out their prison term (by the ‘allies’ after the liberation), despite the fact they had been in a concentration camp. Some gay men could be re-arrested for a repeat offence and Paragraph 175 wasn’t even repealed until 1994!

  2. What’s with the dark-grey background to the Pink News Comments?
    I’m finding it very hard to read, doesn’t bode well for us partially-sighted LGBT folk.

  3. In reference to Anders’ comment: I welcome the new colour scheme. Being photophobic means that reading black text on a white background is difficult, and having a dark grey background with black text certaintly helps.

    It is about time such a comprehensive statement is made on the Holocaust by the Prime Minister, and I for one welcome what he has said

  4. Totally appreciated myself because Prime Minister pay a respect for LGBT prisioners… It is make me cry because my great-grandfather was a homosexual but he is married with my great-grandmother as he were killed by the Nazi soilder over he is a Hungarian Jew.

    It is pretty to hear that someone well-known person make a honour for LGBT victims. We are lucky because we may never survive through this time during WWII and in concertation camps.



  5. A french movie to watch – “un amour a taire” translated “a love to hide”
    This movie is about gays during the 2nd world war as this is the subject here

  6. Pete & Michael 27 Jan 2009, 8:53am

    This is the first time that a Prime Minister has acknowledged that thousands of homosexuals were subjects of genocide in the Holocaust, perhaps the Anglican and Roman Catholic hiearchy will apologise for persecuting homosexuals ever since.

  7. About time. Sorry to rain on the parade, but did anyone hear ‘Thought For The Day’ on Radio 4 this morning? Jonathan Sachs managed to spend the whole slot on the Holocaust without once mentioning lgbt victims, even referring to ‘racist bullying in schools’ without once alluding to the ever-present homophobic variety. Disgusting. Send lots of messages to Radio 4, folks.

  8. it’s a shame that most Orthodox Rabbi’s can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that the Nazi’s murdered gays too. Britain’s chief Rabbi has a page on holocaust memorial day in the Times today, he mentions Jews ofcourse but also bosnia/cambodia/rwanda/darfur and christains/jews/muslims/hindus/jains and buddhists….nothing about the tens of thousands of gay men murdered because of who they were…shocking..

  9. Niko Westmuellen 3 Feb 2009, 6:39pm

    Come to think of it, if middle Eastern religious leaders (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) had an ounce of spirituality or moral fibre they’d condemn killing of each other never mind Gays.

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