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Maryland gay rights group was monitored as terrorist threat

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Reader comments

  1. Tony Lambert 26 Jan 2009, 8:41pm

    Ah, the good old USA… land of the stupid. Well, they must be stupid if they think that they are the “land of the free”. What a joke. Next they’ll be changing the stars and stripes for a swastika.

  2. Har Davids 26 Jan 2009, 9:10pm

    Let’s try to be optimistic for a change; there may be new wind blowing through the US of A. Who knows: they might even scrap their Homeland Security (sounds way too nazy, anyway).

  3. Har,
    I doubt the US government would ever scrap a department, entity, or program that let’s them claim more tax money…even if it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, our government isn’t known for being very efficient or rational. It is a breath of fresh air to hear the Dems in Maryland are trying to cut back on wasteful and unconstitutionally sound spending.

  4. Why does this sound like a neo-con version of 1984? I knew the post 9/11 paranoia was bad, but this is thought police, pure and simple.

  5. Disgusting… and this will probably be the least of the shocking revelations about the Bush years.

  6. A few decades ago, when they wanted to scare people about the USSR, what did they use as a prime example ? spying on citizen’s political opinions by the KGB or Easter Germany’s secret police, the infamous Stasi.
    Looks like the good old USSR have been replaced by the USA who does it even better !

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