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French government minister confirms he is gay

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Reader comments

  1. Judith Silberfeld 24 Jan 2009, 10:59pm

    The interview of Sarkozy in Liberation that you quote is quite famous in that the journalists published it exactly as it had been done. They did not edit it because Sarkozy had proved to be such an insufferable person, they wanted their readers to feel it. In your article, he comes out as a supporter of LGBT people. He’s definitely not that.
    Also, M. Karoutchi (who’s in the run for the regional elections next spring and might have been worried he might be outed by his opponents in his own party) is not the first out minister. He’s the first to come out while a minister. Jean Jacques Aillagon was out when he became Culture minister, if I remember well.
    Don’t take this comment as criticism, I like your articles very much, I quote you quite often on Yagg (a French LGBT website my partners and I launched last november). I’m just trying to get the facts right.