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Polish MP disciplined after asking if former Prime Minister is gay

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 22 Jan 2009, 3:32pm

    If Jaroslav Kazynski has sexually molested many men as the suspended politician suggests then I certainly hope that he is reported to the police and charged. It would be so damaging for his catholic extremist party if he was exposed as a violent sexual predator. I am glad that Janusz Palikot has not been suspended for his comments about Kazynski’s alleged homosexuality though because describing someone as gay (whether they are gay or not) should not be regarded as an insult.

  2. Michael Nunn 24 Jan 2009, 5:43pm

    Er, what exactly does ‘disciplined’ mean?

  3. Poor old Jaroslav, he really is the almost perfect example of a situation we gays have seen repeated over and over isn’t he? The calculating and almost nigh hysterical hypocracy of the power-hungry politician who happens to be inconveniently gay. It’s only a matter of time before the mask is ripped off. It seems that the Christian collective has this really strange need to have the blindingly obvious whacked into their fantasy world, with all the effects of a very big wet fish to the face. Yep! it’s got all the hallmarks of another closet about to burst at the seams any minute now. I can’t wait for the tears and the recriminations, the denials, and the lurid details.

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