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Majority of Florida voters favour an end to ban on gay adoption

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Reader comments

  1. In my view, it would be absolutely unacceptable to allow gay couples to adopt children. Only a politically correct bigot would do such a thing! There is strong evidence that homosexuals have sexually abused thousands of children and such adoptions would not help to improve the situation. After all, put the child’s interest first and do not sacrifice it on the altar of your twisted ‘rights’. Of course, you would speculate that heterosexuals have abused children too, but heterosexuals regard it as a terrible practice and do not struggle to reduce the age of consent to make it legal. Come on, be honest to admit it. At least, you will get respect for your honesty.

  2. ahh the wafflings of a moronic idiot. All professional
    psychiatrists agree that the vast majority of pedophiles are hetrosexual married men 99% in fact. So your rantings just don’t add up to fact. Are “twisted rights” are that we want to be equal and we deserve to be so.

  3. Since when were gay people trying to reduce the age of consent? I believe it was equalised back in 2001, I don’t think anyone would want it lower than that.

    But I suppose there is no point arguing with a bigot who isn’t willing to listen to logical thinking or scientifc fact.

  4. @Alex.

    The evidence from Home Office crime statistics shows that 98% of sexual offences against children are committed by heterosexuals. Parents are the largest group of offenders followed by other close relatives, family friends, others known to the family and finally strangers.

    In other words, child molestation by homosexuals is very rare and it is worth noting that although homosexuals make up around six per cent of the population they committ only two per cent of sex crimes against children.

    You should also be aware that social service departments regard their gay and lesbian adoptive and foster parents to be among their very best and most committed.

    Indeed, they are often the only ones willing to take on the most difficult cases – children who have been brutaly abused by their heterosexual parents and then rejected again by their heterosexual adoptive parents. Gay male adoptive or foster parents are particularly useful in the case of girls who have been raped by their fathers.

    As for the child’s rights, they are always consulted and only placed with adoptive or foster parents with whom they feel comfortable. Surveys show the outcomes from such fosterings and adoptions to be excellent. It is a particular plus that the children do not seem to grow up into mindless bigots that would deny a child a loving home and leave it in care on the basis of prejudice and ignorance.

    Do check your facts before ranting again, otherwise you will not merely be a fool. You will end up looking like one also.

  5. Only in the state I live in (Florida) Gays can be foster parents because the supposedly moral majority does not want the responsibility. But as soon as a bond develops between the gay foster parents and the children, the Florida Foster Care agency is supposed to remove the children immediately (this is well documented) So heterosexual bigots either put up or shut up and take care of these needy children. I even chatted with an adoption agency that stated they believed gays are greedy and should donate as much money as they can to help the children, but they should never even think of adopting. Such a warped world we live in.

  6. Simon Murphy 23 Jan 2009, 11:33am

    It is good news that Florida voters currently favour allowing gay people to adopt. But make no mistake – if this came to a vote again the christian cultists would start spreading their extrmist lies again which would negatively affect the outcome. I am curious to know if Alex from post 1 is a christian cultist as those as the types of people that hang about gay discussion boards to spread lies and dissent which is a typical modus operandus of the christian cult.

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