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Gay mayor faces multiple calls to resign after lying about sex with teen

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Reader comments

  1. He was 18 people. Just get over it. Let the first elected gay official of Portland do his damn job. I bet if he was straight this would be less of an issue to people. It’s ridiculous.

  2. not 100% sure you’re right Shay. If Boris or Ken had been screwing an 18 year old female intern at city hall, they would’ve been forced to resign. Personally i think Mayor Adams should resign IMMEDIATELY. the boy was 17 and an intern when their relationship started, the mayor says it didn’t become sexual till he passed 18, but as he claimed they hadn’t even had sex to start with, i find it hard to believe that. If a 17 year old is an intern, and Adams claimed their relationship was about “mentoring” there should have been no sex/no inappropriacy/nothing of that nature, it’s the same as a teacher sleeping with a pupil. The mayor was in a position of power and he abused it. Role model my arse! More like a reinforcement of the all the old pederast/peadophile cliches about gay men, has probably set back gay rights in Portland by decades. He should be ashamed of himself and resign. I’m 40, and he looks that age atleast, screwing a 17/18 year old student of yours is NOT on. Being gay doesn’t make it ok!

  3. I agree with you shay he was 18 so its not against the law. Even if it was when he was 17 its not wrong except in america where the age of consent is 2 years higher than in the uk. I doubt he abused his position am 15 (nearly 16)and i woundn’t say no to him lolz if i was his intern i would go for him, he’s attractive for a politician.

  4. The problem with any person belonging to any minority that needs to be recognized as equally valuable for historical reasons is that it bears a double burden.
    He not only was in the eye of everyone because he was chosen to serve everybody, he was watched upon because he was gay. Therefore his failure is a horrible hit to the gay community at large. Even if it is a fallacy, even is it is disputable that grown up teenagers can not have sex upon consent, even if it was at the moment some kind of love without age boundaries story, the damage is done. Cause as gay, certain people will be swift to point that he can not control himself, that he is prone to lust and therefore untrustworthy, and so on. Lies are not forgiven by the electorate. What a pity.
    If he doesn’t resign, I hope he shows exceptional good conditions as mayor. Is the least he owes to all.

  5. Gay or Straight, sex is th egreat leveller, especially when the subject is young and good looking…
    Go and ask all the straight politicians who have fallen for it…

  6. Andy – The Age of consent, is 18. We cant start saying the age of consent changes as the age of one of the participants increases. Also Andy, you way off base, I don’t think you have read all the information on the situation. Maybe if you lived here in Portland, you words might matter, but they don’t.

    My mayor didn’t break any laws and did nothing wrong, so no, he should not resign. This simply a waste of time. A reporter trying to make a name for himself.

  7. Simon Murphy 23 Jan 2009, 11:28am

    Of course he should resign. That would be the outcome if a straight mayor was having sex with a teenage woman who he was in a position of power over. There shouldn’t be a double standard just because the mayor is gay. He abused his position of authority (the fact that his sex partner consented is irrelevant) by entering a sexual relationship with someone he had power over.

  8. Hippy Rebel 23 Jan 2009, 1:41pm

    Maybe I’m too mellow and liberal about such sexual matters, but I don’t think he has abused his position at all. So Bill Clinton had sex with someone outside of his marriage ? For me it’s between him and his wife. The same with this Mayor or any other person in power… I think it’s their business. All this hypocritical anger… I’m tired of it, I used to espouse such nonsense but now I’m past it. Let us be human for goodness sake. Has the ex-intern complained ? How did it become public knowledge ? I say live and let live, straight, gay, whatever. People are too quick to judge and condemn. Consider the facts sure but don’t expect anyone to be above being human. We are not robots.. yet.

  9. Simon Murphy 23 Jan 2009, 3:50pm

    But Hippy Rebel – Bill Clinton was impeached for his affair. And any teacher who engages in sex with a pupil loses their job. Like it or not people involved in working with the public (politicians and teachers both) are held to a higher standards than private citizens who don’t deal with the public. It may be too strict but gay people should be treated the same as straight people. Therefore this gay mayor should lose his job. I have no moral objection to much older people having sex with much younger people ONLY so long as the younger party leaves the relationship mentally healthier than when he entered it. That does not seem to be the case with the teenager in this instance. Therefore despite the teenager consenting I still think the middle aged mayor engaged in an unacceptable abuse of power.

  10. Hes done nothing wrong if he was 18. Americas age of consent is a bit high anyway the uk has it right at 16. On the issue that he abused his power i don’t think he did. Lolz am 15 (nearly 16)and i would go for him he wouldn’t need to abuse his power to get me; hes attractive for a politician, especially at 45.

  11. When will we Americans stop our preoccupation with sexual matters that concern other people. This is the thing that repulses me about people who try to marshall other people’s lives and how they conduct them. Europeans have it right an many cases regarding the age of consent being 15 or 16 in many countries. Stop already!

  12. AS A GAY MAN, I’m sickened and saddened by these revelations. I don’t care about the age of consent. Mayor Adams should have been more responsible that to begin a sexual relationship with a teenager. From a legal perspective, the Mayor may in fact have done nothing wrong. But, as a mentor, a community leader, I expected more from him (regardless of his sexual orientation). Then, to pervert the truth about it in order to further his self-interests, is disgusting. Look people, if he “did nothing wrong” because of your “age of consent” defense, why did he lie and ask is teenaged lover to perpetuate the lie? BECAUSE HE KNEW HE HAD DONE SOMETHING WRONG. I’m outraged by his conduct. No wonder we gay men are sometimes viewed as sexual predators. I don’t know if he should resign. I guess that’s up to the people of Portland. I just know I’m disappointed and would like my campaign contribution refunded! Shame on you Mayor Sam Adams.

  13. Those who represent us do us no favours just like ian mckellen saying “I feel like chicken tonight” after the age of consent was reduced to 16 and is now a trustee at the albert Kennedy trust. The movie milk with the younger partner, Sad that the stereotypes are being reinforced.

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