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Tom Hanks attacks Prop 8 Mormons as un-American

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  1. Good for him

  2. It has been shameful for the cultural majority of Mormons to have such sweeping rejections of the inherent nature, rights and dignity of gay and lesbian children of God. They should be ashamed. Fortunately, they were not unanimous. More support and recognition should be given to the outspoken minority of Mormons who opposed Prop 8 and other indignities against LGBT people. There needs to be more support for Affirmation (Gay & Lesbian Mormons pro-rights support group – ) and Mormons for Marriage (Mormons who support gay marriage – ). If it was Mormons who were among the most instrumental of pushing Prop 8 through, then more people need to support Mormons seeking protection and respect for differing convictions within their church, and help to sensitize the cultural majority who take the shamefully dogmatic kneejerk approach that damages so many lives.

  3. What exactly is un-American about participating in the democratic process? A proposition was put before the people of the state of California, they voted on the proposition, and the proposition passed. That’s how a democracy works, the voice of the people is heard. While the LDS religion may be fairly well represented in the state of California, by NO means do they make up more than half of the state’s population. A lot of people who aren’t Mormon voted for Prop 8 as well, are they all un-American, or just the ones who found religious motivation for their pro- vote? And is it therefore un-American to have religious beliefs and vote accordingly?

  4. Jay Gaddis 22 Jan 2009, 2:31am

    Are you kidding? I love how Americans always tell other Americans that exercising their free speech is “UnAmerican”. Way to go Momrons!

  5. diligentdave 22 Jan 2009, 11:05am

    Shakespeare wrote for Juliet, “…”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, popularly (or unpopularly) known as “Mormons” (for their belief in a book written by an ancient prophet who lived in “the Americas” in the 4th century of the Christian era), feel strongly that an institution, marriage, cannot, should not be changed merely to accomodate those who are trying to foist a new and different meaning on what that word, “marriage” has meant for millennia.

    A sexual union between a couple of the same gender has far reaching implications for all of society. Changing what was/has long been traditionally viewed as a sexual perversion, homosexuality, in trying to force its own definition on the term, would, in my opinion, still stink as bad as any garbage.

    What could be more “American” than both people of any religious background, but also a religious institution, in this case, the “Mormon Church”, encouraging its members to actively and freely participate in political debate, and contribute their resources to the passage of a law deemed important in clarifying what a majority of society believes to be fact? That “marriage” can ultimately only be viewed as the sexual and emotional union between a man and a woman.

    All of society may deem the sun to be the moon and the moon to be the sun, but that ultimately does not change the nature of what is really each. Sodom and Gomorrah thought they could change what was acceptable and what was not, until they were destroyed.

    Of course, they were destroyed by God. But, in history, societies, civilizations, and peoples have ultimately also become self-destructive, committing civilizational suicide. The world is doing this now. From China to Chicago, from Latvia to Los Angeles, the choice that billions are making to have ever fewer and fewer children, is leading to the real and also economic destruction of all of society.

    Who cannot say that today’s economic downturn may not be based as much or more on the decisions made in 1960 when “the pill” was introduced, and within a decade or more, “free love” became ever more “universal”. And, of course, once “anything goes”, pretty soon, pretty much “everything goes” (as in “to hell in a hand basket”).

    If fornication and adultery are tolerated, why not homosexuality? And, if homosexuality is tolerated, why not beastiality, incest, sex by adults with children, etc, etc, etc.? Once you begin descent down a slippery slope, in short enough time, that slope becomes deeper and ever more slippery!

  6. its clear DiligentDave is a moron, not just a moron.

    homosexuality is ‘tolerated’ because we live in a free, respectful society. It’s tolerated for the same reasons we tolerate your BS and let you go round teaching that creationism is fact. Why dont you go and read the Bible. God loves everyone. Even you, trying to stop people from loving, which is surely spitting in the very face of God. Wake up.

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