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Lily Allen claims gay blogger Perez Hilton is a misogynist

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Reader comments

  1. I find Perez Hilton depressing.

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Jan 2009, 6:16pm

    Well I suppose it gets her name in the papers.

  3. I whole heartedly agree with her comments – Perez is a disgraceful example of a gay man, particularly his need to “out” celebrities who have every right to keep their sexuality private. I wish everyone, regardless of their profession, was open and honest about their sexuality, as there is a distinct lack of good LGBT role models in the public eye – but that’s not to say they need to be outed against their own wishes.

    His views on women are no better.

  4. Simon Murphy 21 Jan 2009, 10:30pm

    Perez Hilton does not ‘out’ celebrities. He merely reports on celebrity gay relationships in the same manner as straight celebrities’ relatioships. I don’t see why it was any more acceptable to ‘out’ Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship (when they never confirmed it) than it is to ‘out’ Wenthworth Miller’s gay relationship. That’s double standards. He’s not in the closet in his private life so why the need to protect his privacy in the press. And it’s not even possible to argue that the revelation of his sexuality would ruin his career when there are plenty of out, successful gay performers whose careers have not been damaged by being honest.

    Gossip colums are nasty. But gay and straight celebs should be treated equally.

    As for Lily Allen – well Perez Hilton seems to be universally horrible to men and women.

  5. The man is a total troll. I am ashamed to say I sometimes look at the site… I am trying to boycot it and get help for my addiction!) He’s particularly nasty to women, picking on certain women in particular (Lilly Allen, Jennifer Anniston and Lindsay Lohan come to mind) And he also uses a lot of homophobic language, including refering to Lohan as LEZlo and Ronson as SaMAN. Is it any less homophobic when it’s written by a gay man?

  6. @Simon Murphy

    “And it’s not even possible to argue that the revelation of his sexuality would ruin his career when there are plenty of out, successful gay performers whose careers have not been damaged by being honest.”

    Really? How many successful openly gay American Hollywood actors are you aware of? I can think of one, Nathan Lane, and his success is primarily based on his Broadway career. All the others are British.

    Unlike Britain’s film industry, the American one is still pretty flagrantly homophobic, largely down to the fact the Catholic Church pretty much ran it during the mid-20th Century. The censorship codes may no longer be in place, but the attitudes of film executives still exist. Gay actors inevitabley become typecast as stereotypical gay characters – notice how more fully rounded gay characters tend to go to the straight actors. . .

    Wentworth Miller plays the lead role in a prison-based thriller TV series, playing a very masculine character – do you honestly believe that Miller coming out (if he is gay, as I doubt you are personal friend to Mr Miller and know this for a fact) will have no effect on his career? Look a Jodie Foster – it is pretty much the worst kept secret that she is a lesbian, yet she still hasn’t said “I am gay”.

    The entertainment industry is no different to any other profession.

  7. I have to agree that Hilton is a self-loathing woman-hater, but what exactly does Lily mean by the following:
    “I’ve grown up around gay people, black people, adulterers, drug addicts, and I don’t treat anyone differently.”
    Forgive me for being pedantic, but since when is likening gay people/black people to adulterers and drug addicts ok? I’ll interpret it sympathetically and chalk it up to a slip of common sense…

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