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Gay mayor faces investigation into relationship with teenager

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Reader comments

  1. This is very disappointing news. Just after he gets elected to the office of mayor, Adams admits to a sexual relationship with a minor. This will just reinforce the homophobes who think that gay men are peadophiles and pederasts.

  2. E. Johnson 22 Jan 2009, 1:42pm

    Does anybody notice that the “teenager” was 18 which is considered an adult in the U.S.? It was consentual. What’s the issue? The mayor didn’t have sexual relations when the young man when he was a minor. And why is an 18-year-old considered a “boy” instead of a “man”. I guess that “Ore. Mayor has sexual relations with a young man” doesn’t sell news. Let’s incite the neocons by calling the man a “boy” and referring to him as a teenager instead of a consenting adult.

  3. He wasa boy,17, when their relationship started, he was an intern, the mayor was in a position of trust and responsibility, it’s like a teacher sleeping with a sixth former..wrong, wrong wrong. And sorry but the mayor must be mid forties? i’m all for 18 year old gay men having the right to experiment sexually with kids their own age but when a man 25-30 years older takes advantage of his position of power, that’s unforgiveable. He should resign immediately before he does more damage.

  4. “He wasa boy,17, when their relationship started”

    This has yet to the established — the mayor’s account is that he and Breedlove had their first sexual contact when the younger guy was already 18. So far, there’s no objective evidence that he is lying in this respect.

  5. How do you know that’s what happened, that power was abused? How can you be sure that the 18 year old did not seduce the older man?

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