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BBC “regrets” DJ Chris Moyles’ Auschwitz comments

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Reader comments

  1. BBC seem to be getting into trouble a lot and seem to not care this is why I think the TV licence should be scraped then why would have more concerned what they say on TV as ratings would be more important to them.

  2. Andrew Quick 21 Jan 2009, 1:39pm

    Chris Moyles REALLy needs to be taught a lession

  3. Every time one of these idiots makes such a comment their pay should be cut. First offence = 50% cut for one month; Second offence = 50% cut for two months …. they would soon clean up their act if their wallet was hit!!!

  4. The c*nt of Monte Crisco! 21 Jan 2009, 2:45pm

    It’s about time they kick this fat f**ck off the radio before he puts his foot in it again! They say people have a face for radio, his ugly mug fits the bill!

  5. James Whale 21 Jan 2009, 3:09pm

    Moyles is a crass, lewd, boring, talentless waste of space. The BBC needs to grow some balls and start disciplining its presenters when they step out of line and lead by example. I don’t hold out much hope, though – their track record on sound editorial judgement is fairly depressing.

  6. It is kinda true that “Who Do You Think You Are” seems to always end up at one of Europe’s concentration camps. However, the Holocaust is not really something you make jokes about. This overpaid twat has yet again showed his ineptitude.

  7. Bet he doesn’t get suspended for it though.

  8. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 22 Jan 2009, 11:14am

    Oh Moyles. I disagree that he’s talentless – having worked with him he is anything but. BUT, I disagree with most things he says – however this is a kick-in the teeth for gay people.

    I’ve never seen Will Young in a dress, he wouldn’t even suit a dress, his personality isn’t overtly effeminate (like many well-known TV presenters) and therefore Chris’ comment is childish – I mean really childish.

    Why did he chose to compare a gay man with a woman? Surely there are cleverer ways to be funny about gay people, I mean we have so many stereotypes anyway.

    Not matter who complains, the BBC will continue on its path to win, win, win!

  9. Edward Fisher Jr 24 Mar 2009, 6:11am

    This DJ is a Big Dick, Kick him off the air.

  10. Look at the guy. He is an over rated self important dork. When you have to run others down to feel superior yourself you don’t amount to much.

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