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Malta’s government accused of double standards on gay rights

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  1. I don’t believe that gays of Malta have no civil rights. They can live without fear of persecution, have any work and make money, buy any property they like, become busnessmen or else, even become piliticians. Marriage is not necessity but simple convenience. Majority of gays never like stable relationships. Therefore the samesex marriage is not the imperative for now.

  2. @Hopeless:
    primary reason for marriage (or civil union): “next of kin” rights, i.e you inherit, you are consulted about treatment and make decisions for you partner. IE you can’thrown out of the hospital where he’s being treated, the home he owned but never got round to making the will, the funeral, the pension, etc etc.

    It is “convenient” in that yoiu don’t have to make enduring powers of attorney, next of kin statements, wills, assignements of pensions and other rights. It isn’t about the right to wear white and shock the straights

  3. Ciaran McMahon 21 Jan 2009, 8:21am

    “Majority of gays never like stable relationships”

    What a load of nonsense. I can see your choice of nickname reflects your understanding of gay people, and if you are gay yourself, well, you’re in need of some serious self esteem councelling.

    This “gay’s don’t do monogamy” rubbish is nothing more than propaganda bile spread around by those who think its makes us look less deserving of our civil rights.

    Let me set you straight (no pun) there hopeless, I am in a stable, monogamous and happy relationship. I know many people who are the same. Just because some closet cases in Malta think being gay is about sex only, they are not speaking for all of us, nor are they a majority, or representative.

    Having been there many times before, the reality here is that Malta is socially subservient to conservative catholic views. You have more churches than bars, and yet the public toilets at the bus terminus in Floriana are unusable because of the amount of closet-case married men cruising for sex. Seriously, its like the January sales in there. If Malta wants to be seen as a socially progressive and constructive member of the EU then stop your mumbo-jumbo voodoo catholic crap, open your eyes and start recognising the ills of your society.

  4. Colm Howard-Lloyd 21 Jan 2009, 1:49pm

    Let’s not fall into the usual, tired, trap of confusion sex with sexuality.

    I’ve just returned from a trip to Malta. It has a small number of gay (and I use the words deliberately, I couldn’t find any reference to a women’s “scene”) bars and discos which are busy and run mostly without problems. This is not a country that persecutes homosexuals but nor does it provide them with any proection.

    It is not even the advanced rights such as civil partnerships or gay marriage that Maltese citizens lack it is the simple rights of protection against dismissal or the recognition of hate crime that is needed.

    Dr Gonzi (the Maltese Prime Minster) ‘s party (Nationlist) does not have a history of supporting such issues but does sit as part of the Grand Coalition in the European Parliament. It must grant these basic rights to remain a member of the EU.

    Malta has a long and proud history of being progressive. It would be a good signal to rest of the world (particularly those as Catholic as itself) for it to embrace homosexuals and recognize the value they add to society.

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