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Gay rights agenda now on White House website

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Reader comments

  1. Will he deliver for us – I think he will – love the guy !!

  2. Very excited about the implications of the Civil Unions issue. Hopefully this will soon mean that one half of a gay marriage/union/call-it-what-you-will can qualify to emigrate to the States and take their spouse with them.

    A lot of the commitments he has made sound very much like he has studied the UK Labour party’s achievements of the last 10 years! Let’s hope him and his administration delivers.

  3. Let’s see some change before we get our hopes up. Although it is probably a first for the White House website, it is still hollow promises from a politician. Thus far – history repeating itself.

  4. Simon Murphy 21 Jan 2009, 10:59am

    I like his points. However we must also remember that Obama opposes gay marriage and invited homophobic facist Rick Warren to give a prayer at his inauguration. Following the wiedespread condemnation of this decision he invited Gene Robinson to give a prayer at a pre-inauguration event. But he then instructed the broadcaster HBO not to include Robinson’s segment on the TV screening. I think he means well but he will abandon gay people the second it becomes convenient for him. He is a politician after all and therefore his integrity must always be questioned.

  5. James Whale 21 Jan 2009, 12:37pm

    Simon: do you have a shred of evidence to support your accusation that Obama “instructed” HBO not to show Gene Robinson’s prayer, or is this rather the expression of an unfounded personal opinion? (I ask this also in light of the story run by Pink News yesterday re. the regret expressed by Obama’s office that HBO had omitted Robinson’s address.)

    The new president is clearly NOT just another politician; what narrow-minded, myopic cynicism. Hopelessness and negativity are the twin evils of our time and they’re rapidly becoming defunct and frankly, offensive; they demonstrate a lack of vision. Naysayers never changed anything for the better – it’s precisely the idealism, hope, energy and positivity that Obama embodies and espouses that make him the sort of leader who WILL get things done; who WILL make things better. (On his first day he’s ALREADY stopped the military trials at Guantanamo.)

    If all you can do is snipe from the sidelines without even giving the man a chance, you’re not the sort of person who’s going to fit in in an optimistic new world which is trying desperately to change for the better.

  6. I agree entirely with James Whale. I was there yesterday in Washington DC to witness a new beginning in American politics and there will be changes for the better. I would rather look to tomorrow with hope and determination than moan about yesterday, Gay rights is not a lost cause it is ready for the next stage for all of our benefit. I wish us all well on the journey.

  7. I also agree with James Whale. That was an eloquent way to put things. Thank you!

    We need to be positive about things… and we need to get busy and be supportive. There is plenty of time to withdraw and remove oneself from anything that changes and becomes a problem. If I don’t take the first step, no one is going to take it for me. I do not want to be on the sideline listening to negative dribble from someone who cannot or refuses to know the facts.

  8. Yes, I do think he has been inspired by what Tony Blair has done for LGBTs in the UK. LGBT Americans now have to thank Blair too! I hope Obama works through these reforms swiftly and that in this spirit of new support for equality that Prop 8 is struck down in CA. I hope that Obama then follows the UK again and tackles the way in which educational instituations contribute to homophobia. We need to actively and positively educate young people and children that homophobis is unacceptable.

  9. I am cautiously optimistic about Obama. Yes, he is a politician – but we shouldn’t fall foul of the “all politicians are liars/bad” argument. I’ve read Audacity of Hope and it’s clear that he’s an exceptionally intelligent and thoughtful man. I couldn’t say that about Bush.

    And If Obama makes positive changes for LGBT people, I hope that the cynics would gladly come back to this site and say “OK, I was wrong”

  10. No gay marriage? Bullshit! Besides, words don’t mean anything to politicians…Obama even confirmed that. COme back to me in four years with this same list and let’s see what ACTUALLY gets done. Probably about the same things as in the past 16 years. As far as change, it is only going to go as far as Congress will let it go, and even if Obama really is a different type of politician, Pelosi, Reid and all the old guard in Congress have very different ideas of who is really running things. Those folks are doing everything they can establish a non-bipartisan legislature that is built on seniority and control of power by a very few. And don’t forget that the most dominant quality of a Congressperson is a total lack of courage to do the right thing.

  11. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 21 Jan 2009, 11:20pm

    Free at last, Free at last!!! THANK God we are free Of BUSH, AT lAST!!!

    That said, I wonder what Obama’s feelings are concerning the history of
    blacks, when marriage was denied them, But blacks were allowed a union
    called, “Jumping the broom stick.” NO Marriage Allowed for blacks for
    many many years.I don’t see damage done by granting them
    the civil right of marriage,so grant this civil right to all. Only Fair.
    I celebrate our president Obama as a breath of fresh air, and feel he will
    serve us all as his awareness grows.He had and still has my vote.
    I have hope, still I wonder.
    May We Walk Gently Among Many Blessings
    Mary Flying Eagle Ray

  12. I think we’re giving Mr. Blair a bit too much credit alone. I guess it’s most of Western and Central Europe that proves that granting homosexual couples equal rights (some countries more, some less but all going in one direction) is the way to go. Living in the luxury of the Netherlands with my partner I must say it’s so relaxing not to have to battle, to be accepted and I just hope that we get it done in the US and many, many other countries in the near future!

  13. also agree with James Whale…give the guy a chance before being cynical…lots of people in the uk say cynically, remember how excited we were when blair first came to power/how high the expectations of change were…and yes if you look at the nhs/crime/education/etc very little did change and blair turned out to be much like other politicians BUT for gay people in this country EVERYTHING changed under blair, equal rights on every level and civil partnerships, more representation than ever before and london probably the best city in the world to live/work and socialise as an out gay man/women. So let’s see what Obama delivers, he’s made far morre promises than any other US president to the LGBT community, i believe he meeans to carry them through. FANTASTIC!

  14. I LOVE this man :) Less than a week after the inauguration and already Obama has a clear agenda for civil rights for LGBTs on the White House website. He is serious about this! Change has finally come to America and hopefully that will spill out to the rest of the world. Halelluya!

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