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14-year-old charged with gay murder should be in juvenile court claims lawyer

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  1. I think he should be locked away the rest of his life =_=

  2. he may be a young thug, but he is still a minor. At 14 there is still hope for reclamation and re-education. While in one’s gut one feels a need for retributive punishment, there is still hope if he’s helped.

  3. I don’t like the idear of treating a a 14 year old (and did I hear somewhere that it was a special needs school?) as an adult, no matter what they did. If a you teanager comits murder, treat them as a murderer, cirtainly, but treat them as a YOUNG TENAGE murderer.

    I’m glad this isn’t being brushed over or treated as less serious because it’s a gayhate crime, but I’m still uneasy with it.

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