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Man convicted of 1997 murder of trans sex worker Robyn Browne

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Reader comments

  1. Good, hope he gets what he deserves.

  2. yes he should get what he deserves,, when will people let people live there lives how we want to, being transsexual myself and reading how all over the world us transsexuals are tormented stoned and killed just for being ourselves, one day i hope we can all live togeather in peace Tanya

  3. I hope he gets what is coming to him as well , but some times I pity them , don’t ask me why , as some of these people would not even p*** on us if we were on fire, let alone look us in the eyes, I supposes I try and see good in all people, and I am not hatful . When will people like him and others let us transsexuals live our lives how we want to but until that day comes we will still be tormented stoned and killed
    Love to all out there Tanya

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