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Analysis: Obama’s comprehensive support for gay equality

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Reader comments

  1. as a child and young teenager, even though I had never been there,I thought that America was an amazing place. The idea that they had a constitution that stated that all people are equal and should have the same rights, made me believe that the country was better than the UK, people were free to be who they were and the government would back them and support them in their differences. Maybe now under Obama, these innocent idealistic views that I held will actually become a reality. Thank goodness that Bush has gone!

  2. ‘Barack Obama is the most gay-friendly politician to lead America.’
    But he still wont let gays get married.

  3. Gino Meriano 19 Jan 2009, 3:23pm

    in 1996 he signed a document stating he supports same sex marraige, in 2004 he stated he strongly supports Civil Unions and not same sex marriages. This has now been his stance to date

    It is unlikely he will get Civil Unions with full legal rights passed as a federal law

    He is def an insiration, but not wuite sure how he will really move the GLBT community once he takes office

  4. isa kocher 19 Jan 2009, 5:36pm

    when someone has to tell me how many gay friends they have, I know it is BS. Having gay friends has nothing to do with nothing. just give us the same rights, the same respect, the same pay, the same place at the table as anybody else and then you don’t have to apologize for it. Nobody ever says you know my mother and father were heterosexuals. Nobody says some of my best friends aren’t dog s***. The only reason to mention that you have gay friends is the fact you don’t. You have gay acquaintances but we make you puke, mr. Obama. I know that nausea hold your nose look.

  5. Give the guy a chance!!! We don’t have gay marriage in the UK either. Change can’t happen overnight – it is a gradual process. And Obama is much much better than anything that’s gone before.

  6. Barack Obama is just a politician like any other and should only be trusted as far as any other politician. When he was first getting elected, Obama took gay money and supported gay marriage. When he started getting money from other, non-gay-friendly sources, his support for gay issues waned. While he’s said a certain amount on his transition website, he’s committed to very little in terms of policy. Most of what he’s said is going to stand or fall depending on what Congress does rather than the President. So if we’re to judge a man by his actions rather than his words, he’s not off to a great start. Obviously, there’s the RIck Warren fiasco in which he chose a preacher who believes gays are the same as paedophiles and people who indulge in bestiality. But what is more telling is the lack of any prominent Cabinet level appointments for gays or lesbian individuals. It might be the case that the US simply doesn’t have anyone gay or lesbian who’s worthy of the job, but that’s probably unlikely. Ultimately, the man will be judged on what he does and as he’s not started the job yet, it’s foolish to rush to judgement. But from what he’s done thus far, the signs aren’t encouraging. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. yet again Pink News’ rose-tinted glasses on Blair! Blair opposed letting gays in the military – it was only thanks to Europe that the case was won. Therefore please dont compare the two…

  8. andrew flynn 19 Jan 2009, 10:54pm

    Quite right Darrien – I think people forget that he is still a politician and we all know that they will almost anything to get what they want.
    As for the Rick Warren thing – I wonder how Obama would feel if Warren had compared black people to peadophiles

  9. well i think its all a move forward nothing amazing will happen but it has to be said that America are lacking in equality compared to other western countries

  10. why are so many people being so cynical, give him a chance! sure, not everything will be solved but it’s a step in the right direction and things like these take time. We should be thankful that America has even got it’s first president who acknowledges that LGBT issues need to be solved.

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